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Page updated 15 November 2018

Rubbish collection

Collection day for Hatley St George and East Hatley is Wednesdayor Thursday in weeks when there is a bank holiday.  (Christmas, Easter and extra public holidays for coronations / important royal births, marriages and deaths etc can also upset the normal schedule.)

South Cambridgeshire District Council, which is responsible for collecting our rubbish, asks for refuse to be outside your property by 7.00 am on collection day.

To reduce unnecessary bin-lorry travel and fuel in its bid to make savings of around £400,000 a year (and meet reductions in government funding and rising inflation), it will be collecting green bins only once a month during December, January and February – put any green stuff in your black bin (if you're not aware, this will help to reduce CO2 emissions from landfill sites).

From April 2019, anyone who puts out two green bins will be charged for emptying the second bin – an extra tax brought in by the new administration at SCDC.  The details are here – SCDC website.

As a further step towards saving fuel and reducing costs, the paper caddie, part of the blue bin system since its introduction over ten years ago, is no longer required – paper can be put into the blue bin along with other 'dry' recyclable materials.  This article gives the background.

SCDC looks after some 180 collection routes with 180,000 collections a fortnight from 60,000 properties.

Bin collection calendars are included in the South Cambs Magazine and also online on the Council's website (then search 'Magazine'). For Twitter fans, tweet @SouthCambs where reminders are routinely posted.

There's a list of what goes in which bin on the SCDC website.  It includes:

  • Blue bin  Paper, cardboard, plastics and metal.  In general, if an item is plastic in nature and has been in touch with foodstuffs and is clean, it can be put in the blue bin – things like yoghurt tubs, plastic bags and cellophane wrapping.

  • Black bin   CD and DVDs, bicycle tyres and inner tubes, waxed paper products such as butter and cheese wrappers, inkjet cartridges (although these can be recycled at most supermarkets or at computer / printer ink shops) and incandescent / old types of light bulbs.  Energy saving bulbs and fluorescent tubes can be disposed of free of charge at SCDC's household waste recycling centres at Milton and Thriplow.

  • Green bin   Garden waste, food scraps and used tea bags, coffee filters (provided they are not plastic, otherwise they should be placed in the black bin), egg shells, orange peel, butter pack wrappers (these are not of sufficient quality to place in the blue bin).

  • Textiles  should NOT be placed in the green or blue bin – please take them to a recycling centre, such as the one at The Gamlingay EcoHub.

Want to know more?

The Waste and recycling service section on SCDC's website is the best source.




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