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Page updated 4 July 2018

Local airfields

Airfields within two nautical miles (3 km) of Hatley are:

Aircraft large, small, fast, slow, civilian, military, old, new, quiet, noisy can be the source of admiration or annoyance or both!

Of the four airfields listed above, only the strip at Hatley Park is effectively free of planning restrictions (but can only be used for 28 days per year); the others are all businesses with relatively tight planning controls and are monitored to some degree by South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Systems have been set up for the public to comment / complain about the activities of these airfields, most notably for Little Gransden (also known as Fullers Hill) if you have any comments or wish to complain, please do so to the the airfield (use the links above for contact details), preferably in writing, with a copy to SCDC.

The Little Gransden Aerodrome Local Consultative Committee and Cambridge Gliding Centre Consultative Committee hold meetings in April and November at Gransden Lodge Airfield.

Below are some tips on what to look for.  With so many sources of aircraft in the vicinity (Cambridge, Cranfield, Duxford, North Weald, etc.) it is easy to assume, wrongly, that the one you are watching has come from a local airfield.

Tips on commenting/complaining

As much information as possible on the aircraft is required:

  • Number of engines.
  • Bi-plane or mono-plane.
  • Low wing or high wing (i.e. does the pilot look out over the wing or under the wing).
  • Undercarriage visible or not, if so does it have a nose wheel or not.
  • Colours, distinctive markings.
  • Registration letters ( UK registered ones always start with G-......).
  • Estimated height (very difficult to judge!).
  • Are the wing flaps down (again, difficult for the inexperienced!) this suggests it is about to land.
  • Direction of travel.
  • Precise time.

Anything sent to a local airfield discussing problems must be copied to SCDC:

Area Planning Officer
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA

Tel 03450 455 215

E-mail planning@scambs.gov.uk





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