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Page updated 1 September 2014

St Denis’ Church
Local Nature Reserve Management Group

While the church of St Denis, East Hatley is no longer in use, the churchyard remains consecrated ground, open for burials.

It has also been designated a Local Nature Reserve and a County Wildlife Site, managed by a small group of local volunteers who meet two or three times a year to check that all is well with the building and churchyard.

The local volunteers are Nicola Jenkins, Sebastian Kindersley, John Lanchbery and Peter Mann; Steve Rothwell (for the PCCC) is also part of the Group (with Philippa Pearson deputising if Steve can't make the meetings).

They organise – weather permitting! – churchyard tidy-ups, which follow, as closely as is practical given the constraints of volunteer time and weather, a churchyard management plan devised by Rob Mungovan, Ecology Officer at SCDC, for the ideal grass cutting times throughout the year – there's a link below to the plan.

In 2013, we were fortunate to obtain a scythe mower to help cut the long grass in late summer.

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St Denis, East Hatley - blessing of the new mower, 9 June 2013.

▲  St Denis, East Hatley - blessing of the new mower, 9 June 2013.

Taize service at St Denis, September 2011.

▲  The Taizé Service in St Denis on 7 September 2011 – the first event in the church for 52 years.

Tidying up St Denis' churchyar, 14 August 2011.

 Tidying up St Denis' churchyard, 14 August 2011.




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