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Page updated 11 April 2017

Bus services

The only public transport from Hatley is the 'Thursday market day' C2 service to St Neots – it can also be used to go to Gamlingay and Cambridge – and the new Demand Responsive Transport 'Service 28', a direct means of getting to over 20 local villages (and other places through connecting services).  See below.

From Gamlingay, there are services to Biggleswade and beyond, but no longer a direct service to Cambridge – the only one on offer is the early morning (6.46 am) Monday to Saturday service 28 to Kingston (or Comberton on school days).

On school days, there's a four minute wait in Kingston for Stagecoach service 18 to Drummer Street, Cambridge – on non-school days, the wait is... 94 minutes.

This 'service' is being supplemented by Cambridgeshire County Council’s Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service (see below) which can be called up to take you a number of local villages, but not to Cambridge.

Neither does the DRT service go to Addenbrooke's, Papworth or Hinchingbrooke hospitals – for those sort of places (and more), you should contact the brilliant Gamlingay and Hatleys Car Scheme.

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St Neots – C2 Thursday market day bus service, via Gamlingay

This service runs every Thursday from Hatley to St Neots.  You can use it to get to Gamlingay – although not directly, see below.  You can also use it to get to Cambridge.

  • Every Thursday.
  • Service number C2.
  • Adult fare £2.50 return – FREE for those with concessionary bus passes.
  • Children / youngsters (5 to 16) £1.65 return.
  • Children under five free.

Tickets can be bought at Hatley Post Office – there's no need for a ticket if you have a concessionary bus pass.  The service is operated by C G Myall & Son of Bassingbourn (01763 243 225) on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.

The times below are from 5th June 2014 – click here for the official timetable (use the 'radio buttons' at the top of the timetable to switch between outward and return journeys).

NB  You use the C2 to go to Tesco at Eynesbury, but if you don't want to wait until the C2 returns to Tesco, you can catch the Whippet 'circular' service 61/63 to St Neots for more shopping and the return journey to Hatley.  There are buses at 10.35, 11.05, 11.35 am and 12.05 pm – it takes 15 minutes to get to the centre of St Neots.

  Newlands Cottages, Hatley St George
9.08 am
2.22 pm
  Post Office, Hatley St George
9.10 am
2.20 pm
  Opposite Moat Farm, East Hatley
9.13 am
2.17 pm
  Croydon, near The Queen Adelaide
9.20 am
2.10 pm
  Arrington, Church Lane (east-bound)
9.23 am
2.07 pm
  Orwell, Lordship Close
9.33 am
1.57 pm
  Longstowe, near Rushbrook Close
9.43 am
  Little Gransden, near Main Road
9.47 am
1.43 pm
  Great Gransden, opp Eltisley Road
9.51 am
1.39 pm
  Little Gransden, opp Church Street
9.54 am
1.36 pm
  Gamlingay, opp 7 Church Street
9.59 am
1.31 pm
  Gamlingay, opp Rowan Gardens
10.01 am
1.29 pm
  Waresley, o/s St James's Church
10.08 am
1.22 pm
  Abbotsley, opp Vicarage Farmyard
10.14 am
1.16 pm
  Eynesbury, outside Tesco
10.20 am
1.10 pm
  St Neots, Market Square, stop A
10.30 am
1.00 pm

Use the C2 bus to go to Cambridge!  Catch the Stagecoach X5 Oxford-Cambridge service in St Neots – it runs every 30 minutes: use this link for the complete X5 timetable (click on the middle column headed 'Need a timetable?') or on this link for the X5 timetable (as at 30 May 2014).

Gamlingay to Cambridge via Kingston and Comberton (service 28)

As from 2nd June 2014, the HACT* number 28 service from Gamlingay goes to Kingston (Monday to Saturday) and Comberton (but only on schools days).

Getting there, the Kingston run starts from Gamlingay Mill Street (opposite Church Street) at 6.46 am, goes to Waresley, the Gransdens, Longstowe and Arrington before joining the A603 to Wimpole and Orwell, then the Eversdens and Kingston 40 minutes later at 7.26 am.

(However, Google reckons the route is 27.5 miles and will take 48 minutes – without stopping to set down / pick up passengers.)

On schools days, two Stagecoach service 18 buses pick up from Kingston at 7.32 am – one gets to Cambridge / Drummer Street at 8.08 am, the other at 8.33 am (the second bus makes more stops).

On non-school days, the first service 18 bus after 7.26 am is at 9.04 am.

For those going to Comberton Village College – on school days – the HACT service 28 leaves Gamlingay at 7.49 am and finishes opposite Kentings in West Street Comberton at 8.20 am.

To return on HACT service 28, you'll have to get to Cambourne (using Stagecoach service 18) for the 3.50 pm run to Gamlingay, arriving in Church Street at 4.21 pm.

Alternatively – on school days – there's an HACT service 28 from Comberton at 5.26 pm which arrives in Church Street Gamlingay at 6.15 pm.

There's also a special Thursday-only HACT service 28 from Gamlingay to St Neots – it mirrors the C2 service from Hatley.

A set of timetables was included in the June 2014 issue of the Gamlingay Gazette.

* HACT = Huntingdon Association for Community Transport.  As of 9th July 2014, the HACT website makes no mention of service 28.

Demand Response Transport – from Hatley to local villages in Cambridgeshire

From 2 June 2014, the County Council's Demand Response Transport (DRT) scheme brought in an innovative, pre-bookable public transport service to take you almost door-to-door from Hatley to over twenty villages in Cambridgeshire not served by conventional buses – and further afield by catching a connecting service.

It's called service 28 (the link will take you to leaflet-cum-timetable) and is operated by Huntingdon Association for Community Transport, (HACT – weblink) on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Using small buses, service 28 runs between 8.30 am and 3.00 pm on Mondays to Saturdays – on Thursdays it forms the Gamlingay to St Neots market day service, so the normal 'village service' will be restricted: it's available between 11.00 am and 12.30 pm.

You can use it to travel from Hatley to Gamlingay, Abbotsley, Arrington, Bourn, Caldecote, Cambourne, Caxton, Comberton, Croxton, Croydon, Eltisley, the Eversdens, the Gransdens, Hardwick, Kingston, Longstowe, Orwell, Toft, Waresley and Wimpole – and elsewhere via connecting services.

You will be picked up at a convenient point which will be agreed when you book your journey – but you must book in advance (it's on a first come, first served basis).

To book, ring HACT on 01480 411 114.  You can make multiple bookings, although they're normally limited to up to a month in advance.  The service 28 literature makes no mention of return journeys – so book it at the same time as the outward journey.

The booking office is open between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday – you must book by 1.00 pm at the latest on the day before you want to travel.

Journeys will be charged like a bus fare.  You will be advised of the cost when you book and a ticket will be issued when you board.

If you wish to use service 28 to connect to a Stagecoach service for onward journeys, make sure you ask for a Dayrider Plus ticket (which will save you paying twice).

Concessionary bus passes are valid on all journeys, in accordance with the standard terms of validity.

Services 188 and 190 – Gamlingay to Biggleswade, Sandy and Bedford

Services 188 and 190 run between Biggleswade and Sandy via Gamlingay, with regular connections on to Bedford (and many other places in Bedfordshire). 

They are operated by Centrebus – which is changing the 188 and 190 services from 30 April 2017: click here for information....
...this link will take you to their detailed timetable (from 30 April 2017).

Concessionary bus travel for older and disabled people

Concessionary pass holders are able to travel free on most buses, local and national – including Park & Ride schemes, after 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and public holidays.

This does not include the night bus or services after 11 pm outside Cambridgeshire.

Those with a pass because they are registered blind or partially sighted are able to travel free at any time anywhere.

For full details about the concessionary fares scheme, the areas it applies to and how to obtain a pass, please go to the Cambridgeshire County Council's 'Free bus pass' page on its website.

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