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Page updated 19 Julu 2018

Hatley Parish Council

Copies of the Parish Council's agendas and minutes can be downloaded from the Agendas and minutes page.

Reports 2017

These reports were given at Hatley Parish Council's Annual Meeting on 16 May 2017:

SCDC Local Plan

The South Cambridgeshire Local Plan (2011 to 2031) was submitted by South Cambridgeshire District Council to the Secretary State for Communities and Local Government via the Planning Inspectorate on 28 March 2014 for examination, alongside the Cambridge Local Plan. The examinations commenced on 4 November 2014

The Secretary of State appointed Laura Graham BSC MA MRTPI as the Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out an independent examination of the Local Plan.

Her task was to establish whether the Local Plan is 'sound', taking into consideration representations made during public consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan between July and October 2013.

She has still (July 2018) to report on her findings.

This link gives the current situation. We cannot find a link to the plan itself – back in the days when we could, Hatley St George and East Hatley were mentioned on page 35 as infill villages.

According to a press release on the SCDC website, some 8,000 people responded to the consultation.




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