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Hatley Village Hall

Booking form and hire agreement

Church services – Hatley St George

Services are normally held every second (11.00 am) and fourth (8.00 am) Sunday of the month – but no services in August.

More details on the St Mary's, Gamlingay, website.

Harvest Festival on Sunday, 21st October
A church service with a bring-and-buy,
plus tea / coffee, in the church after the service
AND Hatley Village Hall afterwards

Harvest Festival on Sunday, 21st October 2018, 2.00 pm at Hatley St George church, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.

Hatley St George church at 2.00 pm

A church service with a bring-and-buy, plus tea / coffee, in the church after the service.

Village Hall from 3.00 pm

  • Bring-and-buy will continue here.
  • Competition for home grown / made produce – judging at 4.00 pm.  Plenty of time to pamper your best fruit / vegetables, make your jam or other culinary delights.
  • Children's pumpkin carving competition: two classes, under 8s and over 8s – please bring your own carved pumpkin.
  • Children's game – pin the stalk on the pumpkin.
  • Apple bobbing.
  • Raffle.
  • Afternoon tea / coffee, selection of sandwiches, cakes and nibbles.
  • End of event sale.

Produce donations will be donated to a food bank (or where suitable).

All donations from the bring-and-buy, raffle and tea will be split between Hatley St George church and the Hatley Village Fund.

If you are able to donate a raffle prize, make something for the afternoon tea (cake, sandwiches or nibbles) please let Linda know – or ring her on 07849 699 535.

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Rail link through Hatley?

Actually, not quite – but it is real possibility there could be a major new railway built in the Cam Valley as part of the new Cambridge to Oxford rail link, which 'would divide RAF Bassingbourne [sic] Barracks.

This shown in the red route (C2-2) on this map – the other routes are even more alarming for us in Hatley, with the yellow route C1-1 passing close to the parish border (and, seemingly, crossing Croydon Hill).  Click on the graphic for an enlarged version:

Proposed central corridor routes for the new Oxford / Cambridge rail link.

This is part of Network Rail's 'East West Rail Central Section' which takes the line from Bedford, through Sandy and on to Cambridge.

Work on the proposals has been ongoing since October 2013 and is summarised in this – undated – document East West Rail Central Section.  Note the lack or real detail and the emphasis on 'best value'.

Allied to the document is an Engineering Summary Report – also undated and with rather vague maps (and, on page 12 – in the right hand blue column, fifth line – source of the Bassingbourn Barracks quote).

Neither of these documents make any mention of the A428 and the settlements comprising Cambourne, Bourn Airfield, Northstowe and Waterbeach, none of which have rail links but do / will have very large populations.

To counter this, a new pressure groupCamBedRailRoad (CBRR) – has been formed which has produced (sans date and only an e-mail contact) this 'booklet',giving plausible arguments against the Cam Valley idea and suggesting a rail route focussing on the A428 would be far more sensible.  More on the CBRR website (tolerance while it's being built, please); they also have a Twitter feed (curiously with a masthead photo showing a road in a foreign country).

UPDATE – 3rd October 2018

The following was e-mailed to Hatley's Parish Clerk by James Paxman on behalf of CBRR Info:

In July [2018] we asked you – and all the other SCDC parish clerks north and west of Cambridge – to pass our invitation to your chairman or representatives to attend pathfinder presentations about Cam Bed Rail Road's proposal.   It is for the best route for the East West Rail link from Bedford to Cambridge.  Big thanks to the 85 parish chairmen and SCDC councillors who attended those meetings.

That led on to 17 more presentations to groups of parishes throughout South Cambs, receiving widespread support and extensive press coverage.

The purpose of this message is to update you and your community and to ask if you would kindly inform your parishioners and encourage those in agreement with CBRR to sign our petition as a matter of urgency.

CamBedRailRoad update
The common sense route which goes where people want to go

CamBedRailRoad continue to promote their proposal energetically for an Oxford to Cambridge railway route following the A421 east from Bedford, along the expressway link from Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet, along the A428 and A14 into Cambridge North, Central and Addenbrooke's stations.

New stations are proposed at Bedford South, Barford Parkway, Cambourne Parkway and Northstowe.

If you agree CBRR's proposal should be considered by decision makers, then please sign our PETITION as soon s possible.

So far, we have:

  • Given presentations to 17 groups of parishes throughout the district, attended by over 800 concerned residents, as well as to MPs, district, city and county councillors, planners and employers, with near unanimous support.
  • Had a very constructive meeting with the East West Rail Company.
  • website launched – please visit.
  • CBRR Facebook group and CBRR Twitter page social media campaign – please follow.
  • CBRR JustGiving page to help the cause – please give.
  •, campaign via press, TV and radio –please read.
  • Provided EWR with the full details of our proposal so they can evaluate equally with other route options.
  • Petition launched to the Secretary of State for Transport to ensure the CBRR route proposal is fully and fairly considered.

CBRR makes sense, please support and spread the word.

For more information, please e-mail

Many thanks,

The CBRR Team

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Next Hatley Coffee Morning
Tuesday, 6th November
FROM  10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Hatley Village Hall

Hatley Coffee Morning sign

▲  Hatley Coffee Morning - the first Tuesday of every month at
Hatley Village Hall, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Hatley Coffee Morning - 1st birthday - 3rd October 2017.

▲  First birthday!  On 3rd October 2017, villagers and friends with the Coffee Morning organisers.

Centre stage are Ann Hooley (in the blue lacy top and a really big help behind the scenes), Linda Hudson, Mervyn Lack, super cake maker Sue Wright and Pam Offord – Pam regularly makes a chocolate cake for these Coffee Mornings, while Joyce Denby (by the window) usually contributes a very tasty lemon drizzle or almond cake.

And not forgetting Peter and Pat Gouldson who always stay behind to help clear up and John Wright who made the sign boards outside and many special things inside.  Click here for more photos.

Hatley coffee morning -  first Tuesday of the month.  Hatley Village Hall, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.  Nine to noon.  Lots of good coffee, tea and yummy cakes!

▲  First customer!  Sofie Schoolmeesters, from East Hatley, dropped in just after nine on her way back from the school run at the fist Hatley Coffee Morning on 4th October 2016 – and ready to serve her were Hatley Coffee Morning organisers Linda Hudson, Mervyn Lack and Ann Hooley.

Hatley coffee morning -  first Tuesday of the month.  Hatley Village Hall, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.  Nine to noon.  Lots of good coffee, tea and yummy cakes!

▲  By mid morning, the hall was beginning to look crowded.
Click on the photos for larger images.

Judging from the hubbub when walking in to the first Hatley Coffee Morning on Tuesday, 4th October 2016, it was welcome social gathering – and one year on, it has grown in popularity and become an established event.  Well done Linda and Mervyn!

On offer were coffee, tea, hot chocolate and several very yummy-looking cakes, which were happily scoffed by the 'clientele'.

The Coffee Morning idea was dreamt up a year ago by Linda Hudson and Mervyn Lack to help raise funds for the village – there's no set charge for anything, just a handy pot to drop in a donation.

Proceeds raised from the Coffee Mornings are held by Hatley Parish Council in a village fund for use in East Hatley and Hatley St George.

Working behind the scenes with them was Ann Hooley – who also contributed a cake, as did Joyce Denby, Sofie Schoolmeesters and Sue Wright, while Sylvia and Mick Marshall kindly supplied the milk, tea and coffee.

The Hatley Coffee Mornings are on the first Tuesday of each month from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm – the next is on Tuesday, 6th November at Hatley Village Hall.

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Hatley litter pick 2018
They went out in the rain on Sunday, 8th April to pick up litter...

Daphne Astor              Micky Astor
Sarah Brennan           Helen Edwards
Mark Edwards            John Hewlett
Penny Hewlett            Jeremy Hooper
Nicola Jenkins            Mervyn Lack
John O'Sullivan           Alan Pinney

The day before (and the rather cleverly as it was dry and sunny), Harold Nickerson and Marion Nickerson filled seven bin bags of litter they picked up between West Lodge and the drive to the old fruit farm – including a clothes rack, a rug, a wheel hub, remains of a car battery and a stack of old slate tiles, presumably from a floor being replaced. Nicola Jenkins collected the bags and took them to the Village Hall before joining the other litter pickers in the rain.

Penny Hewlett and John Hewlett collected rubbish from their house towards the Village Hall – John regularly picks up litter during his daily bike ride.

Thanks should also go to Mick Marshall for putting out the litter picks, black plastic bin bags and red gloves provided by SCDC and to Kim-Wilde for arranging for delivery and collection of those.

Brilliant all of you – well done.

Hatley doings in verse

Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty has written several witty Hatley poems – from how snow cancelled this year's litter pick to churchyard woes.  Her latest celebrates the confusion between alpacas and llamas – as well as between emus and ostriches.

Alpacas and llamas
By East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty

Alpacas and llamas nowadays
Confuse the rural scene:
They stretch their necks and cast their wool
On Hatley's fields of green.
But how distinguish each from each?
Let's seek the website screen.

Emus and ostriches likewise
Displace the farmyard chicks –
Diversity belongs to towns?
No, we too have a mix
Of alien creatures fenced and penned.
Their pictures please affix!

Ishbel Beatty, 16 August 2018

** For a quick run down on the differences between alpacas, llamas, emus and ostriches, click here (for a pup-up screen).

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Litter Picking
By East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty

The Clerk of the Weather
Had heard that the Hatleys
Were planning a litter-pick day;
When they were in bed
He causally shed
Some snowflakes that he'd stored away.

The Hatley folks cursed
But it could have been worse,
No water pipes burst.

We've made a new date
After Easter – it's late
And the cold may abate –
Sunday April Eight!

So fall into line -
10.30's the time.
Come one and come all
To the Village Hall!

Ishbel Beatty, 20 March 2018

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Redundant Church
By East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty

Feet that once trod this path now rest
Beyond the ruin, their ranging ceased.
Some names persist, on weathered stones incised,
But more are lost, unknown.
Where their eyes glanced, or closed in reverence,
Blind windows blacken the embracing wall.
Only the passing birds suggest
Shadows of past congregations
Who stood or knelt here; only field flowers
And grasses surprise with colour where
Babes were baptised, young lovers wedded,
Voices were raised in anthems, hymns and prayer.
Ranks of the dead still speak: remember us –
We formed these paths, these boundaries, these fields,
And of the same clay, breath, and footprints you are made.
The generations pass – so too, belief –
Though Resurrection hopes may not sustain,
Redundancy will lay a hand on you.

Ishbel Beatty, 2014

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Village Gathering

(in appreciation of the Coffee Morning organisers)
By East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty

Of old the village held an annual feast,
Plain were the dishes set upon bare board;
Beef, beer and bread no doubt was feast indeed
When little could the labouring folk afford.

Today the coffee morning takes its place
A monthly buzz of gossip of the day
And cream and chocolate and sugary tarts
Are merely snacks to pass the time away.

Too often glued to screens and travelling
Some seldom met and so let contacts sag;
Let's cheer communal living, face to face,
Ban texts and emails – long may all tongues wag!

Ishbel Beatty, April 2017

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Village Verse
By East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty

We do not sing East Hatley,
It's not a lyric name!
To find a rhyme for Hatley
Would be a testing game.

               It has few redeeming features,
                  Some say its name is mud,
                       Its alpacas are exotic,
                  They're not of British blood.

The church was made redundant,
Wild Nature got her way.
The moat became truncated
And are ditches in decay.

               But there's heart still in its people,
               Though we're not all local breed.
                   The Coffee Morning's crowded.
                        Some run, some run to seed.

Some walk Buff Wood to study birds
And some to stretch their legs.
We fetch each other's papers
And we buy each other's eggs.

               So sing a song of Hatley,
                    A village of its day.
               Let's say it rather flatly,
                   We like it just this way

Ishbel Beatty, February 2017
Click here... and here for more of Ishbel's poems

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St Denis – tidy up: a poem

St Denis East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - poem about the churchyard tidy up by Ishbel Beatty

With the recent tidy up of St Denis' churchyard in mind, East Hatley resident Ishbel Beatty has written a poem about tidying up churchyards as a thank-you to the volunteers from those unable to join them:

The dead who lie in sober rows
Were swathed in summer grass;
Their feathered flags caught every breeze,
And butterflies that pass

        Splashed colour like a hidden jewel
        When grass stems parted wide,
        The bees were busy at their work
        Where stores of nectar hide

Perhaps the summer nights bring forth
The souls of those who lie –
Perhaps they danced beneath the moon,
In sunlight they’re too shy.

        But now the tidy gardeners
        Have come with shears and rake;
        The dead must have their dignity
        And lie in modest state.

The new-cut grass reveals the names
Engraved on ancient stones;
Though age has changed their upright stance,
They tell us of old bones.

        And those whose names were never graved
        Will now more peaceful lie,
        Close-blanked in greenery
        Under the Cambridge sky.

Ishbel Beatty, August 2016
Click here... and here for more of Ishbel's poems

Our thanks to everyone who has helped with tidying up the churchyard this year: Sarah Brennan, Joyce Denby, Steve Greenhalgh, Jeremy and Sofie Hooper (and their children), Nicola Jenkins, Mervyn Lack, John Lanchbery, Peter Mann, Allen and Andrew Miller, John O'Sullivan and John and Sue Wright (and their grandchildren). Our photo shows the effort being put in during a similar session on 19 July 2015.

30 November 2016 and good news: the Friends of Friendless Churches now owns St Denis', East Hatley, (the building, not the churchyard) after South Cambridgeshire District Council, the previous owners, officially finalised the hand over of St Denis' to FoFC, completed the conveyance and banked with them the agreed dowry of £60,000.  More news of FoFC's plans and celebrations by Hatley Parish Council in due course.

Flyer about the church.

Preliminary roost survey – the Wildlife Trust shows bats roost in St Denis.

Appeal for funds

Links to pages on St Denis

Flowers, insects and gravestones

LNR management Group

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Hail our 2017
litter picking
heroes and heroines

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017.

▲  Charlie Gouldsbrough.  Click on the photos for larger images.

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017

▲  John and Penny Hewlett.  Click for a larger image.

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017.

▲  Laurence Drake, Alan Pinney and Caroline Drake.  Click for a larger image.

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017.

▲  Mervyn Lack and Mick Marshall.  Click for a larger image.

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017.

▲  Nicola Jenkins and Margot Eagle.  Click for a larger image.

Hatley litter pickers - 19 March 2017.

▲  Sarah Brennan.  Click for a larger image.

The 2018 litter pick will be on Sunday, 18th March.
Photos: Peter Mann

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Hatley pancake race
Sunday, 26th February 2017

2017 Hatley Pancake Race - held in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire 26 February 2017.  The prizes


2017 Hatley Pancake Race - held in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire 26 February 2017.  The winners!

Winners of the various 2017 Hatley Pancake Races - held in East Hatley, 26 February 2017.  Click on the photo (and the ones below) for larger images.

2017 Hatley Pancake Race - held in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire 26 February 2017.  Refresments.

2017 Hatley Pancake Race - held in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire 26 February 2017.  The off.

2017 Hatley Pancake Race - held in East Hatley, Cambridgeshire 26 February 2017.  Kids' race.

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New definitive maps

Hatley portion of the new Definitive Map of rights of way - September 2016.

The County Council has produced a new Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way for Cambridgeshire.

It shows all changes made to Public Rights of Way up to 11th May 2016.  It has also provided us with an electronic copy of the relevant section of the Map for Hatley – or, rather, Maps as we're split over three sections.

There's also a handy list of where each footpath / bridleway starts and finishes.  The files are:

               Hatley.pdf (list of paths).
               2016 09 15 Public Notice Consolidation.docx.

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At last!
Hatley St George church has its own loo.

New loo at Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire.

▲▼ The new disabled use, compositing toilet installed in the grounds of Hatley St George church on 26th July 2016.
Click on the photos (by Peter Mann) for larger versions.

New loo at Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire.

New loo at Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire.

The 'business end' of the loo is round the back.

New loo at Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire.

The loo is just about visible from the church.  A woven willow fence around the loo is due to be installed in August / September.

New loo at Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire.

The church is more visible from the loo!

Councillor Bridget Smith, ??? and the Reverend Steve Rothwell after opening the new compost loo at Hatley St George church, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire, on 16th September 2016.

It was opened on 16th September 2016 by the Reverend Steve Rothwell – above with Gamlingay District Councillor Bridget Smith and John Mercer, from Gamlingay Community Turbine whose Tithe Fund grant was a big help towards the cost of the loo.

The church's new loo, made and installed (on 28th July 2016) by a Welsh company which specialises in these things.  It has a ramp for disabled access and will be open during / for church services and events.

A woven willow hurdle fence around the loo (using material grown near Barton) is to be added, along with some new woodland planting.

The cost of the loo and fencing is £4,850, for which only £2,350 has been raised in grants so far, with the shortfall being made up from the church's restoration fund – other grants are still being sort so church funds are not unnecessarily depleted.

Donations are, of course, very welcome - please contact Philippa Pearson on 01767 651 253 or e-mail

The Reverend Steve Rothwell's last local service, in St Mary's, Gamlingay, was on 24th July – he's moved to a church in Cambridge after ten years as the vicar for Gamlingay, Everton and Hatley.  A replacement is yet to be appointed.

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The Famous Hatley Quiz / 2017

Hatley Quiz Night 2017

Snapshot of the Hatley Quiz Night in the Village Hall on 4th February.

The winning team scored 99 points – out of a possible 110.  The joint runners' up scored 97 each and fourth place got 95, so quite a tense finish!  Click on the picture for a larger version.

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The Hatley litter pick heroes and heroines 2016

Many bags of litter + stuff too big to go in the bags were collected between Long Lane to Holbien's Farm on Sunday, 13th March.  Our grateful thanks to:

        Micky Astor                           Peter Mann
        Chris Ball                                Mick Marshall
        Laurence Drake                   Harold Nickerson
        William Drake                       Marion Nickerson
        Margot Eagle                         Linda Perry
        Becky Fisher                         Alan Pinney
        Nicola Jenkins                     John O'Sullivan
        Mervyn Lack                         John Wright...

.... and John Hewlett, who regularly stops and picks up litter between Hatley St George church and West Lodge and also to Pat and Peter Gouldson who also stop and pick up litter on their walks around Hatley.

Not everyone was there when our tame photographer turned up click on the pictures for larger images:

Some of the Hatley litter pickers - 13 March 2016.

▲ Linda Perry, Chris Ball, Harold and Marion Nickerson at the Long Road junction.

Some of the Hatley litter pickers - 13 March 2016.

▲ Mick Marshall, Mervyn Lack, Nicola Jenkins, Becky Fisher, Alan Pinney and, in the ditch, John Wright opposite the Village Hall.

Some of the Hatley litter pickers - 13 March 2016.

▲ William Drake, John Wright, Laurence Drake, Becky Fisher, Alan Pinney, Nicola Jenkins, John O'Sullivan, Margot Eagle and Mervyn Lack after doing the Village Hall to Holbien's Farm stretch.

End result: lots of bags of litter picked up by Team Hatley litter pickers - 13 March 2016.

▲ And this is how much was collected!

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Places to go

If you're stuck for ideas of somewhere to go, try these websites:

    Where can we go?
         You can search for events in each county as well as by
         village, town or post code.
    Visit Cambridge and beyond
         What's on in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and
         surrounding areas
    University of Cambridge
         Public events.
    Open Gardens
         National listing.
    Bedford and surrounding areas.

    Roads – up-to-date traffic information via Traffic England

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Phone numbers

101 – the non-emergency number for contacting the police – if urgent, use 999.

Use 101 to report an incident or crime, including anti-social behaviour – see the 'Contact us' section of Cambridgeshire police website.

101 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   From landlines and mobile networks, calls will cost 15p per call, no matter what time of day or the duration of the call.

01767 650 596 – for the Hatley Parish Clerk.

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Other stuff

The blue bins: here's a useful list of what can go in them.


Hatley Parish Council's scheduled meeting dates, its agendas and its minutes from 2002.


Roads – up-to-date traffic information via Traffic England.

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