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Page created 30 June 2014
 Updated 16 October 2014,
 6 September 2016 and
 21 November 2016

Hatley's phone boxes
under threat to be removed

Extremely low usage of the phone boxes in East Hatley (twice in the last year) and Hatley St George (five times) means their demise is quite possible.

Although now too late to have your say (the consultation closed in October 2016), quite a few local residents are known to have sent their thoughts to Hatley Parish Clerk, who coordinated the messages and forwarded them to the officer at South Cambridgeshire District Council handling the 'case'.

SCDC supports our objections – we await a final decision by the Secretary of State.

The common reason for keeping the box is poor mobile coverage and, therefore, the need for a public land line in the event of an emergency as there is no way to call the emergency services on the Croydon / Gamlingay road if one doesn't have a mobile or live here.

Recent history of the Hatley phone boxes

Hatley has two working phone boxes.

The East Hatley box (01767 650 348) was repaired in June 2014 after many months of being out of action and the one in Hatley St George (01767 650 262) has been replaced with a battery operated phone.  (BT discovered there was no power to it and it is not BT Payphones’ policy to repair such faults.)

Both phone boxes were cleaned – but the phones and phone boxes aren't checked so it is up to locals to report any faults, damage or necessity to be cleaned.

Both phones are cashless and primarily intended for emergency calls.

They can also be used for 100 Operator calls, Freefone calls and to make reverse calls.

They can be used for any phone call with a credit / debit card, a BT chargecard or prepaid calling cards (instructions are in the phone boxes).

To report any problems, contact BT Payphones on tel: 0800 661 610, e-mail: customer.serv.payphones@bt.com or fax: 0800 671 192.

For the record, this Word document BT consultation on removal of phone box in East Hatley was produced in October 2014.









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