Monthly Archives: March 2020

Zero emission waste collections – at a price

New battery bin lorry will cost £400,000

The £400,000 electric Dennis Eagle ‘eCollect’ bin lorry which SCDC has just purchased in conjunction with Cambridge City Council
Electric cars?  Tick.  Electric vans and taxis?  Tick.   Electric lorries?  Not really yet… except for the electric bin lorry which South Cambs District Council...
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Hedge tidy-up in St Denis’ churchyard

A useful morning's work in warm, bright sunshine

St Denis' churchyard, East-Hatley, Cambridgeshire, 22nd March 2020 during ta hedge tidy-up session by local volunteers. In places the hedgerow is encroaching on the graves.
Dateline… Sunday, 22nd March 2020. Place… St Denis’ churchyard, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire. Event… Hedge tidy-up. Reason… In places the hedgerow was encroaching on the...
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