Monthly Archives: April 2020

Hatley’s defibrillator – just dial 999

No need to panic – trained operatives will tell you what to do... and we have reminders to help

The defibrillator cabinet outside Hatley Village Hall. If you need to use it, first dial 999 – it has been registered with the NHS who will provide the code to open the cabinet door and give instructions for its use.
Hatley’s defibrillator (above) is located outside the Village Hall in Hatley St George in a locked and temperature-controlled cabinet. It has full public access...
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Green bin collections back to fortnightly

All being well...

Thanks for your thanks sign on an SCDC bin lorry – with the council's very hard-working bin crews managing to empty more bins than planned, green bin collections are returning to a fortnightly routine.
“Keep putting green bins out fortnightly” is the message from South Cambridgeshire District Council as bin crews are thanked for ’emptying extra’. It seems...
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Gazette / Villager are online

It's all because of Covid (surprised?)

Gamlingay Gazette masthead, April 2020.
The May and June 2020 issues of the Gamlingay Gazette will be available online only at The team hopes to be able to...
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Churches closed

Except for funeral services and weddings

Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire, 8 August 2015. Regular services are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month.
Following the government announcement on 23rd March 2020, all places of worship are closed during the coronavirus pandemic – except for funerals and weddings...
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About the parish precept

It's gone up even though the Parish Council didn't ask for an increase

If in checking your 2020 / 2021 council tax bill you wondered why the Hatley parish precept has gone up, despite the Parish Council...
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