Monthly Archives: July 2020

Christian Aid

While the official Christian Aid week has finished, the need to give never stops – here's how you can still contribute

Christian Aid Week logo – May 2020. You can still donate.
By Rev’d Hilary Young, our parish priest While there were no red and white Christian Aid envelopes posted through our doors this year, if...
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Parish Council – Annual Meetings

Tuesday, 4th May, 7.00 pm via Zoom

Hatley Parish Council, 21st May 2019 - L/R: Nicola Jenkins, Harold Nickerson, Micky Astor (Deputy Chairman), Alan Pinney (Chairman), Margot Eagle and Kim Wilde (Clerk).
Date  Tuesday, 4th May 2021. Time  7.00 pm. Venue  Remotely, via Zoom – see this link. Subject  Hatley Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting followed...
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