Hatley Coffee Morning

Tuesday 6th June, from 10.00 am

Well supported: the Macmillan Coffee Morning at Hatley Village Hall on 1st October 2019.

Date  Tuesday, 6th June (and the first Tuesday of every month)
Time  10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Event  The Hatley Coffee Morning
Venue  Hatley village hall
Organiser  Linda Hudson

Hatley Coffee Morning sign.  The Coffee Mornings are held on the first Tuesday of every month in Hatley village hall, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

The next Hatley Coffee Morning is on Tuesday, 6th June, village hall.

The Hatley Coffee Morning arrives as regular as clockwork on the first Tuesday of the month.

And it’s thanks to Linda Hudson who does a terrific job of making these Coffee Mornings happen.

“I’ve got lots of cakes, so plenty for you to enjoy – and, as always, a great opportunity to meet up with friends and neighbours”. she says.

“It’s always lovely to sit and chat over a cup of coffee and a slice or two of quite yummy cake – and there’s always lots of things to talk about.”

New toilets, too

‘Hatley village hall where the splendid new toilets are worthy of a grand hotel’ – Norma Hood’s comment when she visited during the 2022 Harvest Festival activities.

The ‘facilities’ now include a specific ‘disabled’ loo (so you can bring your wheelchair) as well as a baby changing unit.

Worth going just to enjoy them!

Post created 6th April 2021; updated 2nd May 2023