About Hatley

Hatley: much to feel proud of – and plenty of opportunities to be part of

Hatley St George and East Hatley are two small Cambridgeshire villages with a total population in the low 200s, East Hatley just being the larger of the two.

Hatley’s grid references are:

TL 28257 50876
Latitude 52.141293
Longitude -0.127223

Hatley Parish Council is the first tier of local government and is responsible for decisions relevant to the parish and making ‘official’ comments on Hatley planning applications; South Cambridgeshire District Council is responsible for emptying our bins and Cambridgeshire County Council looks after our roads (and may other things).

Although quite a few of us work from home, we are largely a commuting population, albeit with a strong sense of community.


Hatley is surrounded by farmland – essentially farmed by the Hatley Park Estate in Hatley St George and up to Hatley Wilds and Waresley Farms Limited around East Hatley.

It is also served by lots of very good footpaths and bridleways – if you want to go for a walk, bike or horse ride, there are plenty of options (but wearing wellies in winter is good advice), go to our ‘The countryside around Hatley‘ page, where some suggested walks are listed.

There is another Hatley near by – Cockayne Hatley, which is in Bedfordshire and historically not connected to ‘our’ Hatley.


We share a village hall, playing field and shop.

Of our two churches, the one in Hatley St George is still consecrated; St Denis’ in East Hatley has been redundant since 1959 and (thankfully) is now in the caring hands of the Friends of Friendless Churches – it’s graveyard is both consecrated and a Local Nature Reserve (with a footpath running through it).

We also have two public phone boxes, although both are effectively for emergency calls only.

More positively, there are Monday to Saturday collections from our two post boxes (below) – the East Hatley box is usually emptied when the postman / postlady is delivering, normally around lunchtime Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 11.00 am-ish on Tuesday and Saturday.

Hatley St George post box times.

Hatley St George post box times.

East Hatley post box times.

East Hatley post box times.








NB  Potton post box collection times (the box outside the post office) are 4.45 pm weekdays, 10.45 am Saturdays.

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