Need help?

If you're home alone or self-isolating and live in Hatley help is on hand

Gamlingay and Hatley Coronavirus Support Group header.
The Gamlingay and Hatley Coronavirus Support Group is here to help you if you need it. How can we help? Pick up prescriptions from...
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Bin collection update / 2-4-20

SCDC's bin crews continue to do a fantastic job – plus news on Easter collections; green bin collections still suspended

SCDC bin lorry on its regular Wednesday round to Hatley. South Cambridgeshire District Council normally empties green and blue bins one Wednesday, black the next.
You won’t be surprised to learn around a third of SCDC’s bin collection staff are off work with coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating. South...
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Places you can go to / can’t go or do / shops open

A round-up of local services still open or closed because of coronavirus

Open or closed for now – header for things which are / aren't open during the coronavirus pandemic, March 2020.
Let’s begin with government advice: Stay at home. Only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work. Stay two metres (six feet) away...
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Zero emission waste collections – at a price

New battery bin lorry will cost £400,000

The £400,000 electric Dennis Eagle ‘eCollect’ bin lorry which SCDC has just purchased in conjunction with Cambridge City Council
Electric cars?  Tick.  Electric vans and taxis?  Tick.   Electric lorries?  Not really yet… except for the electric bin lorry which South Cambs District Council...
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Green bin collections suspended – until 6th May

And double bag black bin waste if suffering coronavirus symptoms

SCDC bin lorry on its regular Wednesday round to Hatley. South Cambridgeshire District Council normally empties black bins one Wednesday, green and blue bins the next – from 23rd March to 6th May 2020, green bins won't be emptied during the coronavirus crisis.
South Cambs District Council has announced green bin collections across South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City will not take place between Monday 23 March and...
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Churches closed

Except for funeral services

Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire, 8 August 2015. Regular services are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month.
Following the government announcement on 23rd March 2020, all places of worship are closed during the coronavirus pandemic – except for funerals attended by...
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Hedge tidy-up in St Denis’ churchyard

A useful morning's work in warm, bright sunshine

St Denis' churchyard, East-Hatley, Cambridgeshire, 22nd March 2020 during ta hedge tidy-up session by local volunteers. In places the hedgerow is encroaching on the graves.
Dateline… Sunday, 22nd March 2020. Place… St Denis’ churchyard, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire. Event… Hedge tidy-up. Reason… In places the hedgerow was encroaching on the...
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Hatley’s defibrillator – just dial 999

No need to panic – trained operatives will tell you what to do... and we have reminders to help

The defibrillator cabinet outside Hatley Village Hall. If you need to use it, first dial 999 – it has been registered with the NHS who will provide the code to open the cabinet door and give instructions for its use.
Hatley’s defibrillator (above) is located outside the Village Hall in Hatley St George in a locked and temperature-controlled cabinet. It has full public access...
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2020 Pancake Race winners…

Big heroes and little heroes all

Hatley Pancake Race 2020 – the winners.
23rd February and all the fun of the 2020 Hatley Pancake Race – those are the winners above: l to r Jaime Cotton, Kim...
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East West Rail – things you might like to know but can’t now ask face-to-face

Although we’re on the edge of the ‘Preferred Route Option’, you may still be interested to find out more

The East West Rail Company's roadshow in Little Gransden Village Hall – 29th February 2020. Well organised with intelligent people on hand to talk to. While the graphics were good, no mention of why the line is needed – and 'freight' does not appear anywhere.
By Peter Mann Now the ‘Preferred Route Option’ for a new line between Bedford and Cambridge has been announced, the East West Railway Company...
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Cambridge to Oxford rail link confirmed (sort of)

And it'll go via Cambourne, not Bassingbourn

Cambridge to Oxford – East West Rail's map of proposed route E.
The government, via the East West Rail Company (EWRC) and transport secretary Grant Shapps, has announced its preferred route as part of the third...
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Barn Farm, East Hatley, planning application approved

The end of a 12 year saga

Barn Farm, East Hatley – planning approval was granted for the erection of an agricultural workers' dwelling in February 2020. This photograph was taken on 11th July 2016.
The application by Mr and Mrs Hook to erect an agricultural workers’ dwelling at Barn Farm, East Hatley (above in July 2016), was approved...
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Hatley St George church Task Group is getting on with things

Its purpose is to help the building last another 800 years

A stone head of Queen Victoria carved as a stop at the base of the south door arch at Hatley St George church, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.
The Task Group had its third meeting on 30th January – Hilary confirmed it is now an official sub-group of the Parochial Church Council...
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William Butterfield in action

A visit to All Saints, Margaret Street, London – and an important paper on this star architect who restored St Denis' in 1874

All Saints, Margaret Street, London – the interior, looking towards the magnificent altar piece at the east end and dating from 1909.
There can be no question William Butterfield (1814-1900) was, along with Augustus Pugin (1812-1852), Sir George Gilbert Scott RA (1811-1878) and Sir Charles Barry...
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Rescuing our churches

Articles in The Guardian and Country Life support the Friends of Friendless Churches while highlighting the plight of rural churches

By Peter Mann It’s been a good week for spotting mentions of the Friends of Friendless Churches – and the plight of rural churches...
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Matthew Parris is an FoFC convert

He let the world know via The Times on 5th February

Matthew Parris, The Times columnist, donates to The Friends of Friendless Churches - diary note, 4th February 2020.
Matthew Parris, former MP, host of Radio 4’s Brief Lives and Times columnist, discovered a disused, part-Norman church belonging to The Friends of Friendless...
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Have you read this?

Mentions of Hatley we've spotted

South Cambs magazine, winter 2019 – panel on great places featuring a photo of St Denis' church, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire.
By Peter Mann Depending on where you live, there can be any number of mentions of your locality in books on the countryside, buildings,...
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St Denis’ in the news

Press cuttings from our open days and evenings

St Denis' church East Hatley – media coverage in 2017 and 2018.
Local press coverage of handing over St Denis’ church keys to the Friends of Friendless Churches by South Cambridgeshire District Council in July 2017...
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Fly-tippers – does you mum still clean up after you?

SCDC's new innovative sign asks embarrassing questions

'Why are you fly tipping?' – a new SCDC sign which asks fly-tippers if their mum still cleans up after them.
South Cambs District Council is erecting these eye-catching signs which question why people are fly-tipping – including whether their mum still cleans up after them....
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Someone put a grenade in their blue bin!

Would you believe the things people put in their blue bins?

Found in a blue wheelie bin [4] – a-metal tape measure. Only things which can be recycled easily should be put into your blue bin. SCDC has a list on its website.
A grenade, a toilet seat and disco lights are on a list of items people in south Cambs have wrongly put into their blue...
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