Another St Denis’ churchyard tidy-up

A sunny Sunday morning's work, 19th July 2020

The St Denis' churchyard tidy-up – Sarah Brennan, John O'Sullivan, Charlie Norman with the 'St Denis' scissor mower, Carole Cooper, Neil Carter and Nicola Jenkins. / 19 July 2020. Photo: Peter Mann.

Words and photos by Peter Mann.

Once again the weather was nice (despite much overnight rain and a dodgy forecast) with a dozen people turning up to help with mowing and raking the west and north sides of St Denis’ churchyard:

Sarah Brennan
Neil Carter – who strimmed around the church and graves
Carole Cooper
Joyce Denby – who brought baskets of lovely plums
Sofie Hooper – plus Thomas and Ali…
     …and Midnight who followed to see where everyone was
Nicola Jenkins
Peter Mann*
Charlie Norman*
John O’Sullivan*
Angela and Kevin* Steel

* This week’s operators of the ‘St Denis’ scissor mower.

Care of the churchyard, which is also a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) and a County Wildlife Site, is based on the management plan devised ten years ago by Rob Mungovan, when he was the Ecology Officer at South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Noticing how things have changed in the churchyard, we sought the advice of the Wildlife Trust and decided to leave uncut a portion grass on the north and east sides to provide refuge areas for invertebrates.

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Post created 20th July 2020.