East West Rail – show time on Saturday, 29th February

Although we’re on the edge of the ‘Preferred Route Option’, you may still be interested to find out more at an open day in Little Gransden

Cambridge to Oxford – East West Rail's map of proposed route E.

Now the ‘Preferred Route Option’ for a new line between Bedford and Cambridge has been announced, the East West Railway Company (EWRC) is holding open days to explain what’s happening next.

As a reminder, the route will link existing stations in Bedford and Cambridge with Cambourne and the area north of Sandy / south of St Neots.  It is said to:

  • Provide the most benefits for every £ of taxpayers’ money spent.
  • Deliver the best opportunities for the environment.
  • And was the favourite among those who responded to EWRC’s consultation on route options last year.

The open days are an opportunity to ask questions about the benefit of the line, how much freight traffic it’ll carry, what’s being done to protect the local environment and what the next steps are.

The nearest event to Hatley is in / on:

Little Gransden Village Hall, 7-9 Primrose Hill, SG19 3DP.  Map.
Saturday, 29 February, from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm.

If you can’t make it, there are 12 other dates, beginning in Cambourne on 19th February and finishing in Barrington on 31st March – the list is on the EWRC’s website.

These events are separate from EWRC’s formal ‘consultation’ programme, for which details are still to be announced.

Post created 13th February 2020.