East West Rail

Preparing us for some big news

Official East West Rail header.

By Peter Mann

The latest news from Beth West, the Chief Exec of East West Rail, is in splendid corporate-speak…

“I made a personal pledge,” she writes, “that our team will work with Government to provide you with an update during the first half of this year. As promised, the whole team has continued to work hard in setting out the case for East West Rail (EWR) to inform Government decisions.

“As a result, I’m delighted that as part of the Chancellor’s Spring Budget 2023, the Government announced that they expect a route update in May would be made. We expect to confirm the Bedford to Cambridge section of the route and share updates on other sections of EWR at the same time.

“We look forward to talking with local communities after the May announcement and will share the dates and details on our website when we have more information.

“This announcement will provide a level of certainty that I know a lot of people have been waiting for and allow us to work more on refining those plans and start preparing for the next stage of consultation.

“I’ll leave you to read the rest of the newsletter which includes updates of other work at EWR to create a faster, more sustainable and affordable way to travel, and improve daily lives. I look forward to being in touch soon with further news of the announcement.”

The EWR website incudes ‘background information’, which may be of interest…

Post created 24th April 2023.