SCDC elections result

Heather Williams remains our district councillor

Ballot box used for elections in Hatley Village Hall plus a photo of Heather Williams, South Cambs District Councillor for The Mordens.

Result of the SCDC election on 5th May 2022 for The Mordens ward at South Cambridgeshire District Council:

Holly Derrett – Green Party – 103 votes*
Sebastian Kindersley – Liberal Democrat Party – 622 votes (2018: 598 votes)
Heather Williams (above) – Conservative Party – 749 votes (2018: 603 votes)

Turnout: 55.04% (2018: 47.8%).

* In 2018 there was a Labour candidate, who received 87 votes.

There are links to all the main political party national websites at the bottom of our ‘Elected representatives‘ page.

Post created 6th November 2019 / updated 6th May 2022.