EU election results

And the winners were...

The East of England followed the national trend and overwhelmingly voted for The Brexit Party, which has three seats (out of seven); the Liberal Democrats have two and the Conservatives and Greens one each.  In alphabetical order, the successful candidates were:

Barbara Gibson, Liberal Democrats
Michael Heaver, Brexit Party
June Mummery, Brexit Party
Lucy Nethsingha, Liberal Democrats
Catherine Rowett, Green Party
Richard Tice, Brexit Party
Geoffrey van Orden, Conservative Party

Unless the UK parliament enables Brexit soon, the MEPs will take their seats on 2nd July.  For details about the vote, go to our Elected representatives page.

The East of England / Eastern Region comprises the ceremonial counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Result for South Cambs

In South Cambridgeshire, where the turnout (48.31%) was much higher than across the East of England as a whole (36.37%), the result, by party, also bucked the regional (and national) trend:

Liberal Democrats  20,975
Brexit Party  13,174
Green Party  8,351
Conservative and Unionist Party  4,685
Change UK: The Independent Group   3,906
Labour Party  2,675
UK Independence Party  1,018
English Democrats  214
Attila Csordas (Independent)  102

Voting system

In the UK, EU elections are not run on our normal ‘first past the post’ system – instead, it’s the d’Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.

There are two forms of the d’Hondt method: closed list (a party selects the order of election of their candidates) and an open list (voters’ choices determine the order). In the UK we have the closed list – so you vote for a party and not an individual.

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Post created 27th May 2019.