Retired after 15 years

Goodbye to the original Hatley website

Well, that was the website that was. 12th July 2004 to 15th April 2019. RIP.

After 15 years’ faithful service, time for a long rest for the old design now we’ve moved to our entirely new look – specifically designed to be easier to use, more informative and sure to work properly on your mobile.

As with the old site, the new one has over 100 pages, so finding a way to make it easier to navigate was the number one priority; the results of the May 2016 village survey about the site were also borne in mind.

Final home page of the old Hatley website. It was replaced by the present design in early April 2019.

Final home page of the old Hatley website. It was replaced by the present design in early April 2019.

Please let us know what you think about the new site – especially as you drill down whether the link descriptions in the green boxes on the grid pages – restricted to 35 characters – help you to find what you’re looking for.

Hatley-dot-info‘ remains a site devoted to the parish of Hatley – East Hatley and Hatley St George.  Many of the old pages have been carried over, but reformatted, updated if necessary and, wherever possible, now include more photos – be sure to click on the ‘thumbnails’ for larger versions and the ‘gallery’ links.

We’ve also added an ‘availability’ page to the section on Hatley Village Hall to give everyone a quick glance appraisal of when it’s free to hire.

Go to Google or the Hatley site? We recognised many of you just search Google for things not wholly connected with Hatley, so rather than give tons of information on our pages, we’ve put single links to the appropriate websites – but to make the Hatley site useful to you, we’ve tried to include as many relevant links as possible, as with, for instance, the Vets page and the Places to go page.

There are more pages on the history of Hatley and our two churches than before – it’s amazing how much there is when one starts to dig into the past.

Like all good websites, ‘Hatley-dot-info‘ is a living entity and we welcome comments and contributions so it can be improved and made more useful and interesting.

Please e-mail your comments, ideas and contributions (stories and photos) to Peter Mann, this site’s webmaster – the site is run by the Hatley Website Group on behalf of Hatley Parish Council.


Thanks to Peter Mann of Buzz Associates in East Hatley for designing and populating the site – with much help and advice from Parish Councillor Nicola Jenkins – and Steve James and his team at Federation Design for their patience and engineering expertise to realise Peter’s design.

Thanks, too, to everyone, past and present, who has contributed articles (without those contributions, this would be a very uninteresting and far less informative site) and to Hatley Parish Council for appreciating the need for a more modern site and for obtaining grants from South Cambridgeshire District Council and the National Association of Local Councils’ Transparency Fund which enabled the work to be done.

The Parish Council pays the annual hosting cost of running the site – everything else is through unpaid volunteer work.

Post created 16th April 2019; mini-updates on 8th October 2021 and 28th September 2022.