Hatley play area open again

But please consider others, keep apart and stay safe.

Coronavirus playground poster heading – 4-7-20.
Coronavirus playground poster 4-7-20.

Coronavirus playground poster – click the graphic to see the full sized version.

By Margot Eagle, chairman, Hatley Parish Council

The play area in Hatley St George reopened on 4th July.

In accordance with government guidance, Hatley Parish Council suggest the following guidelines:

  • Allowing children to use the play equipment is done at parents, guardians and carers own risk.
  • If the playground is busy, we suggest a limit of 30 minutes to allow everyone time to play.

The virus could survive long enough on frequently used / touched surfaces to transmit to others, so we urge everyone to use effective sanitation procedures.

  • We aren’t able to offer handwashing facilities and suggest parents, carers and guardians bring wipes, hand sanitiser and gloves for your own use.

Please remember the need for social distancing, the government suggests

  • Two metres where possible – and this applies to all users.

The poster, above right, has lots of other useful advice – just click on the graphic.

There is a litter bin for public use in the play area.

Post created 5th July 2020.