Hatley’s churches – the jigsaws

A bit of electronic fun to while away an hour or so – St Denis' in East Hatley and Hatley St George church

A 150 piece electronic jigsaw of Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire. Services are normally held twice a month.
A 150 piece electronic jigsaw of St Denis' church, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire. The church belongs to The Friends of Friendless Churches.

A 150 piece electronic jigsaw of St Denis’ church, East Hatley.

Inspired by by the Friends of Friendless Churches putting up jigsaws of four of their 50 plus churches just before Christmas (the nearest to Hatley being St Andrew’s, Woodwalton at the other end of Cambridgeshire), we thought why not make one of St Denis’ church and also one of Hatley St George church?

So, via, Jigsaw Planet, we did just that as two, 150 piece puzzles.  They should each take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Just click this link to the St Denis’ jigsaw and this to the Hatley St George church jigsaw and off you go – as you place the pieces in their correct position, you’ll hear a feint blip. If you click on the icon bottom left of the jigsaw, it brings up the complete picture

And if you click on the screen shot, above left, it’ll bring up a larger version of the St Denis’ jigsaw so you can see how much room these puzzle take.

If you’ve an idea for another Hatley jigsaw, please let Peter Mann know.


Post created 26th December 2020; updated 27th December 2020.