Congestion charging in Cambridge – yes, no… or not bothered?

Please let Anthony Browne, our MP, have your views on congestion charging in Cambridge – via a two minute survey.

Greater Cambridge Partnership

Anthony Browne, our MP, writes:

One of the key questions asked by the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s ‘Making connections’ consultation is around congestion charging for vehicles entering Cambridge.

In their plans, a city-centre congestion charge could cost up to £15 per day, or a wider zone could cost £5, roughly the same cost as a day rider bus ticket.

District and County Councillors in South Cambs have raised serious concerns about congestion charging in the past, and I agree with their remarks around cost implications, business impact and inequality.

Chief amongst those are worries that the charge is regressive, one that would unduly impact those less well off.

In my view, any charge would need to be introduced in tandem with much improved, far cheaper public transport.

However, I am very aware many residents of South Cambridgeshire rely on transport links into Cambridge.

It is therefore vital I fully understand your views on this.

If you have two minutes, please do fill out my short survey below so I can better represent your views to the GCP and the Department of Transport.

Post created 22nd November 2021; updated 30th November 2021.