Looks like we really are to be marooned for six weeks

Closure of the road to Croydon Hill

By Peter Mann

Cambridge Water has closed the road from East Hatley to the bottom of Croydon Hill for six weeks from 10th January.

Road closure – 10th January to 18th February 2022 from Main Street East Hatley to Croydon Hill – MAP with diversion routes.

Road closure – 10th Jan to 18th Feb from Main Street, East Hatley to Croydon Hill – map with diversion routes.

‘It is,’ they say, ‘part of a rolling programme of mains improvement: we will be replacing the existing water mains in the Main Street/Croydon Hill area in East Hatley with a high-performance polyethylene water main.

‘We are carrying out this work as part of an ambitious £600 million investment programme that will ensure our customers continue to receive the high-quality and resilient water supplies they expect and pay for, now and in the future.

‘This particular project will contribute to the long-term security and reliability of our customers’ water supplies in the East Hatley area.’

So now we know – the information comes from Cambridge Water’s website.

More (good) news

And having emailed Cambridgeshire Highways during the ‘consultation’ period to say what a great opportunity it would be to resurface the road while it’s closed, I received this reply:

‘Thank you for your email. I can confirm that Highways will take the opportunity within this window to undertake repairs to the collapsed culvert underneath Hatley Road, Gamlingay and they will proceed on the basis that this can be completed at the same time that Cambridge Water have the road closed for six weeks further east.

‘They have been made aware of the x2 sections that you point out [Croydon Hill to the water tower and Holbeins Farm to Hatley] to be in a poor condition.’

It’s good to know things are not (yet) rejected…

Even if it does mean we still have to look forward to a circular tour to Longstowe and down the A1198 to Arrington to go to Royston or Cambridge (although pedestrians and cyclists will be allowed through the works).

Post created 8th November 2021; updated on 10th January 2022.