Memories – Mervyn Lack

Remembering ten fond years of living in East Hatley

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Mervyn Lack moved into 34 East Hatley in 2012… and moved to St Neots in July 2022, which prompted the idea of asking him to jot down his memories of his time here.

Mervyn instigated Hatley having a defibrillator, which was installed outside the village hall in late 2018 – he is pictured here with it on 14th July 2022 – from memories of Hatley, by Mervyn Lack, July 2022. Photo: Peter Mann.

In 2018 Mervyn instigated Hatley getting a defibrillator. Photo: Peter Mann.

“I moved to East Hatley from Harrow, in north-west London,” he said, adding: “the contrast could not have been greater. Busy suburb to quiet leafy village. Sounds idyllic, and it was idyllic.

“As a young boy, growing up and as a teenager, I had always visited the village of Brattleby, in Lincolnshire, for annual holidays and East Hatley made me feel as though I were re-living those holidays from years before.

“Nature has been a big aspect of living in East Hatley. Fantastic sunsets over the trees at the far side of the adjacent field, the deer emerging from the trees and standing or running in the field, as many as thirty of them at any one time, the occasional fox or muntjac spotted sneaking across, the amazing, and beautiful, red kite soaring and swooping overhead, and the fantastic changes in the scenery over the seasons.”

For all of Mervyn’s memories – and there are many, with lots of photos – read his story in our new memories section of Hatley’s history.

Wanted – your memories!

If you have Hatley memories you’d like to record and share, please get in touch with Peter Mann.

After all, history is made of memories and if we don’t write them down now, who in 10, 20, 50 years’ time is going to know what Hatley was like in the late 20th and early 21st century?

Please get writing – it can be a complete article or a few snippets to go into a wider article.

Post created 12th August 2022.