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Our local, Local Nature Reserve

Red kite – part of the natural scene around Hatley St George and St Denis' church in East Hatley. Photo by John O'Sullivan.

There is a small corner of Hatley which is forever a nature reserve – it surrounds St Denis’ church and is, officially, a Local Nature Reserve and a County Wildlife Site.

Bee orchid in St Denis churchyard, East Hatley. Photo by Nicola Jenkins.

Bee orchid in St Denis’ churchyard.
Photo: Nicola Jenkins.

It’s more familiar as the churchyard – still open for burials even though the church, now owned by the Friends of Friendless Churches, is redundant.

A few weeks ago we asked John O’Sullivan if he’d be good enough to write an article on the churchyard as a nature reserve.

And what a great piece he’s written, together with some super photographs he and Nicola Jenkins have also contributed.

Here’s a link to John’s article: The nature reserve at St Denis’ church.

He’s also updated his earlier piece on the cave spiders which live in the furnace chamber under the church.

Post created 7th October 2020.