Planning applications

Barn Farm, The Manor House and Moat Farm – all in East Hatley / updated 20th July

There’s only one ‘Hatley’ planning application awaiting a decision from South Cambridgeshire District Council (The Manor House) – two others, relating to Barn Farm and Moat Farm were decided some time ago but are currently subject to planning conditions:

Barn Farm, East Hatley: Notification regarding planning application ref 20/03582/S73, dated 18th May 2021 regarding several of the planning conditions for Barn Farm (see ‘Approved applications’ below).

  • 20/03582/CONDA – the SCDC planning link.
    • Update 9th July 2021: The Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Strategy are sufficient to enable the discharge of Condition 3 of 20/03582/S73 permission. Documents submitted on strategies for disposal of surface and foul water, carbon reduction and water efficiency are considered insufficient to enable discharge of Conditions 4, 5 and 6 respectively. Condition 7 on Wi-Fi does not require a formal discharge of condition submission.
    • Go to the ‘Related cases’ tab for links to historic information.
    • This application was item 9.1 on the agenda for the Hatley Parish Council Ordinary Meeting on 20th July 2021 (7.30 pm, Hatley Village Hall).

The Manor House, East Hatley – Division of existing single dwelling into two dwellings and the creation of separate entrances. Planning notice.

  • 20/04377/FUL – the SCDC planning link.
  • The deadline for comments was 18th December 2020 – but you can still comment if the SCDC website shows the application is still ‘open’.

As at 20th July 2021, the application was still undecided – nearly nine months since the application was made.

Hatley Parish Council discussed this application at its Extraordinary Meeting on 8th December 2020; it had no objections.

Moat Farm, East Hatley: Notification regarding planning application ref S/4601/17, dated 18th February 2021; with a second Notification dated 17th March 2021; and a third Notification dated 14th July 2021 – they follow the refusal by SCDC of the original application (for change of use of domestic outbuildings to two dwellings (part retrospective)), which was overturned at appeal on 9th January 2019.

    • S/4601/17/CONDA – the SCDC planning link for the 18th February application – which was itemed at Hatley Parish Council’s meeting on 16th March 2021.
    • S/4601/17/CONDB – the SCDC planning link for the 17th March 2021 application.
    • S/4601/17/CONDC – the SCDC planning link for the 14th July 2021 application. It was item 9.2 on the agenda for the Hatley Parish Council Ordinary Meeting on 20th July 2021 (7.30 pm, Hatley Village Hall).
    • Go to the ‘Related cases’ tab of the 14th July 2021 application for a link to historic information.

Approved applications

Barn Farm, East Hatley – a variation of condition 2 (approved plans) and 8 (materials) pursuant to S/3309/18/FL in regard to the erection of an agricultural workers’ dwelling.

  • Approved: 20/03582/S73, albeit with conditions – the link takes you to the ‘Documents’ tab and click on the two links (on the right) dated 12th January 2021 – the main conditions are set out in the ‘Application Decision Notice’ (from page three), with the variations listed in ‘Application Information’.

Details of all Hatley’s planning applications since 2004 are listed on our planning page.

Page created 18th November 2020; checked / updated 20th July 2021.