About the parish precept

It's gone up even though the Parish Council didn't ask for an increase

If in checking your 2020 / 2021 council tax bill you wondered why the Hatley parish precept has gone up, despite the Parish Council making no change over 2019 / 2020 for this year (which began on 1st April), well, it’s because there’s been a small decrease in the number of households in Hatley paying council tax.

At an extra 32p for a Band D property, the council tax increase is, thankfully, quite small – but South Cambridgeshire District Council (which collects all local taxes on behalf of the County Council, police and emergency services), is only interested in the total from Hatley, so naturally has to charge fewer people (slightly) more to bring in the £6,900 the Parish Council has asked for.

Here’s a note from the Parish Council explaining things in detail, including why other parish councils are able to charge a lot less than Hatley.

Post created 13th April 2020.