A sunny St Denis’ churchyard tidy-up

A good work out on Saturday, 11th July 2020

The St Denis' churchyard tidy-up: some of the raking and cutting team: from the left Jo and Peter Hayward, John O'Sullivan, Nicola Jenkins (mowing), Kevin Steel and Peter Hanlon / 11 July 2020. Photo: Peter Mann.

Words and photos by Peter Mann.

The weather was nice and over a dozen people turned up to help with mowing and raking the south side of St Denis’ churchyard.

And, as always, a big ‘thank you’ Nicola Jenkins for organising things and to these people for their time and the ‘work out’ effort they put in to cut and pile up the very long grass:

Sarah Brennan
Alan Clarke*
Joyce Denby
Peter Hanlon*
Jo and Peter Hayward
Jeremy Hooper (later assisted by Ali and Thomas)
Peter Mann*
John O’Sullivan*
Angela and Kevin* Steel
John Wright
Rev Hilary Young*

* Together with Nicola Jenkins, they all used the ‘St Denis’ scissor mower.

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Thanks too to Mark Wilshire for buying and installing two new inner tubes, which made manoeuvring the mower much easier.

Such was the amount of grass that we we only able to cut and rake up the south side – leaving plenty still to do!  Please look out for the date.

Post created 11th July 2020.