Who’s standing?

The candidates in the general election on 12th December

Hatley Village Hall is our polling station.
Do you have a vote?  Do you want a postal or proxy vote?  Then click on the graphic.

Do you have a vote? Do you want a postal or proxy vote? Then click on the graphic above.

There are currently three candidates standing for our South Cambridgeshire parliamentary seat in the general election on Thursday, 12th December.

In alphabetical order they are (with links to local party home pages):

Anthony Browne – Conservative Party
Dan Greef – Labour Party
Ian Sollom – Liberal Democrat Party

The Green Party announced Oliver Fisher as their candidate but he has stood down in favour of the Liberal Democrat candidate.

And Heidi Allen?

She was our Member of Parliament, elected as a Conservative in 2015 and again in 2017.  She resigned from the party on 20th February 2019 to join the newly formed Independent Group which, on 29 March, morphed into Change UK with Heidi as interim leader.  In June she left Change UK to sit as an independent MP and in July founded a looser grouping of MPs called The Independents.

On 7 October she announced she’d joined the Liberal Democrats and would stand for the party here in South Cambridgeshire at the next election but changed her mind and decided not to stand again after all.

We were intending to include a link to her letter to South Cambs constituents, which was published on the local Lib Dem website – unfortunately, they seem to have removed all mention of her; this was the link.  Neither is it on her own website; it’s also been removed from her Twitter page.

There are links to all the main political party national websites at the bottom of our ‘Elected representatives‘ page.

Post created 6th November 2019 / updated 14th November 2019.