Hatley Parish Council

Hatley Parish Council is our most local authority: it is the first tier of local government – see ‘The tiers of local government’ below.

  • Its next scheduled meeting is its Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 16th May at 7.00 pm in Hatley village hall – note the earlier than usual start time.
  • Do come along – it is an opportunity to see the council in action, ask questions and meet your councillors: Micky Astor (chairman), Alan Pinney (vice-chairman), Carole Cooper, Paul Kraus and Harold Nickerson.
  • Litter pick on Sunday, 26th March at 10.30 am – meet at the village hall to collect bags and litter pickers.
  • Minutes – draft minutes of the council’s January 2023 meeting.

In essence

The council is responsible for making decisions relevant to the parish and also setting the annual precept. It is also responsible for the village hall, the village speed monitoring sign, the defibrillator and the playing area / equipment in Hatley St George.

It has the first official say in any Hatley planning applications – they are routinely discussed at its meetings, as are our two churches and graveyards and other initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch and local action on climate change.

In addition, it organises litter picks along the verges of the Croydon / Gamlingay road within the parish and is keen on making sensible enhancements for the village.

The Hatley Village Association (HVA) operates under the auspices of the Parish Council to raise funds for Hatley community projects, including the village hall, Hatley St George church and the playing field in Hatley St George.

The tiers of local government

Hatley Parish Council is the first tier of local government – the second tier is South Cambs District Council, the third is Cambridgeshire County Council (we elect councillors for both organisations) and, at the top, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (for which we elect the mayor).

Hatley Parish Council’s protocol

At its meeting on 17th January 2023, Micky Astor, chairman of the council, explained the council’s protocol:

Parish councils are created by an Act of Parliament and can only do those things which the law gives them the power to do.

As a tier of the UK government, albeit the lowest tier, it is governed by the rules of government.

Its role is to make decisions on behalf of the people in the parish; it also has an overall responsibility for the well-being of its local community.

It fulfils its role by having at least one meeting a year, whose agenda and notice must be published a minimum of three clear days before.

  • Such meetings are not public meetings. However, the public is encouraged to attend to observe the council deciding on issues on the agenda, although they have no right to speak without the chair’s permission. Nor should they have any direct involvement in that decision making process.
  • A special item is usually included on the agenda for the public to speak about agenda items, for a limited amount of time.
  • If you would like to add an item(s) for discussion, please contact the clerk to include it for the next meeting – email parishclerk@hatley.info to let her know.

In addition…

  • Parish councils have powers (which they may use) and duties (things they must do).
  • Powers are discretionary but duties are mandatory.
  • As the Parish Council’s powers are laid down in legislation they can be changed or added to from time to time.
  • The Parish Council must ensure there is a statutory provision for all items resolved upon and for all expenditure.
  • Its statutory powers are limited; please refer to the Statutory documents page on this website for further details.

Page created 19th July 2018; updated 22nd March 2023.