Hatley Parish Council

NB Because of the coronavirus pandemic, its meetings are being held remotely via Zoom:

Virtual Hatley Parish Council meetings and virtual meeting protocol

Hatley Parish Council is our most local authority – it’s the first tier of local government*.

It is also responsible for the playing area / equipment in Hatley St George, the village hall and the village speed monitoring sign. It has the first official say in any Hatley planning applications – they are routinely discussed at its meetings, as are our two churches and graveyards.

The Council’s next scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday, 4th May at 7.00 pm for the Council’s Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Council’s Annual General Meeting.  It will be held remotely, via Zoom – see this link.

The Parish Council organises an annual litter pick along the verges of the Croydon / Gamlingay road within the parish and is keen on making sensible enhancements for the village.

Fundraising for the village hall delegated to Hatley Village Association (HVA), which operates under the auspices of the Parish Council – the HVA also fundraises for the church and playing field in Hatley St George.

* The second tier of local government is South Cambs District Council, then Cambridgeshire County Council and, now at the top, the Combined Authority for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Page created 19th July 2018; updated 29th March 2021.