Click on the appropriate graphic above for agendas of the Parish Council’s Ordinary and Annual Meetings or the Extraordinary Meetings. They date back to 2002 / 2003; most are also Word (DOC) files – from 2016 they are PDFs.

NB  The number of regular meetings has varied over the years – until 2010 there were six / year, when it was cut first to five then to four meetings / year.

From January 2017 the Parish Council has held five regular meetings a year – in January, March, May (the AGM), July and October – usually at 7.30 pm in Hatley Village Hall, supplemented by Extraordinary Meetings as required.

‡ No meeting on these dates because of a reduction in the number of meetings (see above).

† These meetings were replaced by the Annual Parish Meeting.

* For some years, the agendas for the Annual Parish and Annual General meetings are combined, usually with the Annual Parish first.

Page updated 19th December 2021