A parish council’s legal powers and duties – a guide for parish councillors, although not everything listed applies to Hatley.

Asset register – details of Hatley Parish Council’s public land and building assets at 31st March 2022.

Audit and financial reports – these are listed on our Finances page.

Equality and diversity policy – 19th May 2020.

Financial regulations – approved 20th November 2017 [revised 16th May 2017].

Model standing orders – adopted 15th May 2018.

Play area access statement – 16th May 2017.

Risk assessment – 15th January 2007 [revised May 2020].

Safeguarding policy – 19th May 2020.

Village Hall public access statement – December 2019.

Volunteering policy – 8th December 2019.


Whenever we hear of a ‘consultation’ which we think will be of interest to us in Hatley, we’ll list it here.

In addition to local planning applications, expect to see ‘consultations’ on things like traffic in Cambridge, new rail or road links and building schemes which may have an impact on Hatley.

There are no consultations appropriate to Hatley at the moment.

Page updated 2nd February 2023.