You are represented by five individuals nationally and locally – plus, of course, Hatley Parish Council at the most local level – and, until 29th March 2019, our European MEPs.

Nationally – our Member of Parliament.
Locally – the Mayor, the Police and Crime Commissioner, County and District Councillors and Hatley Parish Council.
Europe – Seven Members of the European Parliament.

Member of Parliament

With parliament being dissolved on 6th November 2019, there are no MPs until after the general election on 12th December.

Currently, there are three candidates standing in our South Cambridgeshire seat:

In alphabetical order they are (with links to local party home pages):

Anthony Browne – Conservative Party
Dan Greef – Labour Party
Ian Sollom – Liberal Democrat Party

The Green Party announced Oliver Fisher as their candidate but he has stood down in favour of the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Nominations for election closes on 14th November – so keep an eye on this page for updates to the list of candidates.

There are links to all the main political party national websites at the bottom of this page.

And of Heidi Allen?  See our ‘Who’s standing?’ news page.

The Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

James Palmer is the Mayor – it is not a ceremonial position, but rather that of a chief executive.  His job is to work on the strategic issues crossing individual council borders within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – notably our housing, travel and infrastructure needs as part of the devolution process which puts local decisions in the hands of local people rather than central government.

He was elected on the Conservative ticket in the County’s first mayoral election.

James can be contacted through:

James Palmer
The Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority
Unit 3
The Incubator
Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus
Alconbury Weald
PE28 4WX

Tel  01353 665555

Elections for Mayors are held every four years.  The last election was on 4 May 2017 – the next will be in May 2021.

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire

Jason Ablewhite is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire.  He is responsible for an efficient and effective police service in Cambridgeshire by setting police and crime objectives, the police budget and issuing crime and disorder reduction grants through his Police and Crime Plan. He also holds the police to account, making them answerable to the public.

He was elected on the Conservative ticket (although the role in non-political), succeeding Sir Graham Bright, the previous incumbent.

Jason can be contacted through:

Jason Ablewhite
Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire
PO Box 688
PE29 9LA

Tel  0300 333 3456

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners are held every four years.  The last election was on 5 May 2016 – the next will be in May 2020.

County Councillor

We are represented by one County Councillor:

Sebastian Kindersley
The Manor Barn
East Hatley
SG19 3JA

Tel  01767 651 982
Mobile  07710 467 258

We are part of the Gamlingay division for the County Council, with one seat which represents the parishes of Hatley (Hatley St George and East Hatley), Arrington, Barrington, Croydon, Gamlingay, Guilden Morden, Litlington, Odsey, Orwell, Shingay-cum-Wendy, Steeple Morden, Tadlow and Wimpole .

Elections for County Councillors are held every four years.  The last election was on 4 May 2017 – the next will be in May 2021.

District Councillor

We are represented by one District Councillor:

Heather Williams
South Cambs Hall
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA

Tel  07885 774 775

We are part of The Mordens ward for South Cambridgeshire District Council, with one seat which represent the parishes of Hatley (Hatley St George and East Hatley), Abington Pigotts, Arrington, Croydon, Guilden Morden, Steeple Morden and Tadlow.

Elections for District Councillors are held every four years.  The last election was on 3 May 2018 – the next will be in May 2022.

Hatley Parish Council

The Parish Council has five elected members plus a clerk:

Alan Pinney, Chairman
Micky Astor, Vice Chairman
Margot Eagle
Nicola Jenkins
Harold Nickerson
Kim Wilde, Clerk –

Their contact details are on our Hatley Parish Council page.

Elections for Parish Councillors are held every four years.  The last election was on 3 May 2018 – the next will be in May 2022.

European Parliament

Eastern England – Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk – is represented by seven MEPs, who were elected by the d’Hondt method of party-list proportional representation, on 23rd May 2019:

Barbara Gibson, Liberal Democrats
Michael Heaver, Brexit Party
June Mummery, Brexit Party
Lucy Nethsingha, Liberal Democrats
Catherine Rowett, Green Party
Richard Tice, Brexit Party
Geoffrey Van Orden, Conservative Party

For their contact details, please go to (although the site may not have been updated).

They will take their seats on 2nd July 2019 – unless the UK parliament enables Brexit before then.

The full result of the 2019 EU election in the East of England was:

PartyCandidatesVotesShare %
The Brexit PartyRichard Tice,* Michael Heaver,* June Mummery,* Paul Hearn, Priscilla Huby, Sean Lever, Edmund Fordham604,71537.83 ± (+37.83)
Liberal DemocratsBarbara Gibson,* Lucy Nethsingha,* Fionna Tod, Stephen Robinson, Sandy Walkington, Marie Goldman, Jules Ewart361,56322.62 ± (+15.76)
Green PartyCatherine Rowett,* Rupert Read, Martin Schmierer, Fiona Radic, Paul Jeater, Pallavi Devulapalli, Jeremy Caddick202,46012.67 ± (+4.20)
Conservative PartyGeoffrey Van Orden,* John Flack, Joe Rich, Thomas McLaren. Joel Charles, Wazz Mughal, Thomas Smith163,83010.25 ± (-18.12)
Labour PartyAlex Mayer, Chris Vince, Sharon Taylor, Alvin Shum, Anna Smith, Adam Scott, Javeria Hussain139,4908.73 ± (-8.53)
Change UKEmma Taylor, Neil Carmichael, Bhavna Joshi, Michelle de Vries, Amanda Gummer, Thomas Graham, Roger Casale58,2743.65 ± (+3.65)
Ukip PartyStuart Agnew, Paul Oakley, Elizabeth Jones, William Ashpole, Alan Graves, John Wallace, John Whitby54,6763.42 ± (-31.06)
English Democrats PartyRobin Tilbrook, Charles Vickers, Bridget Vickers, Paul Wiffen10,2170.64 ± (-0.41)
IndependentAttila Csordas3,2300.20 ± (+0.20)
Rejected ballots9,5890.60
Turnout (out of a total electorate of 4,407,975)1,603,01736.37% ± (+0.40)

* Elected as MEP for the East of England.

See our news item for other information.

The next European elections will be in 2024.

Useful links

UK parliamentary websites

European parliamentary websites

Local council websites

National party websites

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