Rubbish collection


A reminder from the government if you have Covid (or symptoms), all personal waste, including used tissues, face coverings, personal protective equipment (PPE), used rapid lateral flow tests, disposable cleaning cloths and kitchen paper should be:

  • Placed in a plastic bag and tied tied when full, then placed in another plastic rubbish sack and tied.
  • Stored securely, separate from other waste and communal areas, for three days.
  • After three days, placed in your black bin.

Bin days

Our normal bin day is Wednesday – Thursday in a Bank Holiday week and on Thursday, Friday or Saturday over Christmas and New Year.

We have three bins – blue for ‘dry’ recyclable things like paper and plastics; green for garden and food waste and black for anything else.

South Cambs District Council’s website details what goes in which bin.

Blue and green bins are collected one week, black the next. In Hatley, our bins are normally emptied before 9.30 am.

As has become the norm, SCDC only collects the green bins once a month from mid-December to late February.

Good news! You can now put small, used batteries (in a little bag) on the top of any colour bin. The top, not inside – to prevent another bin lorry fire.

Which day?

And if you lose track of whether it’s a blue / green or black week (even though we try to keep this website up to date), you can find out via the ‘which day‘ page on SCDC’s website.

A day in the life of a bin man (and woman)

This 30 minute BBC documentary We Are England / our bin lorry life follows a bin collecting crew in Peterborough – and includes footage of the Waterbeach recycling plant where all our rubbish goes.

Page created 26th July 2018; updated 24th January 2023.