Hatley’s shop and post office

We are very fortunate in Hatley to have a shop and post office – few other villages of our size (and many which are much larger) still have a shop.  It’s run by Sylvia and Mick Marshall.

But it can only survive if lots of people use it – please do!

  • The shop is open from 7.30 am most days

    If there’s a sign on the pavement, you’ll find it open.

  • The Post Office has restricted opening hours and days

    8.00 to 11.00 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • Detailed shop and PO opening hours.

They sell all the basics one needs – fresh milk (see below), general groceries, tea and coffee plus vegetables, local eggs and local honey as well as things like batteries and… good stocks of ‘essentials’, including loo rolls, flour and baked beans.

The Post Office does most of the things you’d expect of a PO: stamps, currency, bill payment and cash withdrawals etc.

Fresh milk delivery  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Mick will deliver milk to your door.

Page created 7th August 2018, checked / updated 30th March 2022.