The cost of stamps, from 2nd April 2024….

  • First Class ‘letter’ (up to 100g) – £1.35.
  • Second Class ‘letter’ (up to 100g) – 85p.
  • First Class ‘large letter’ (up to 100g) – £2.10.
  • Second Class ‘large letter’ (up to 100g) – £1.55.

Royal Mail’s current guide to its postal prices:

    1. Prices for stamped letters and parcels and those paid for over the counter at a Post Office: April 2024 prices booklet:
      • UK size and weight guide – see page 3.
      • UK ‘standard’ letter and parcel rates up to 20 kg – page 6.
      • International size / weight guide and pricing zones – pages 9 and 10.
      • International ‘standard’ airmail rates for letters and parcels up to 2 kg – pages 17 and 18.
      • Royal Mail stamps have changed  Bar codes were added to ‘everyday’ stamps on 31st July 2023, making ‘old style’ stamps worthless. This page tells you what to do with your old stampswhich are swapped on a like-for-like basis; there is no cash alternative.

      Royal Mail also has an April 2024 online pricing booklet.

      For comprehensive details of Royal Mail’s…

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      Hatley post office

      Here are some of the services offered by Hatley post office:

      Everyday personal and business banking
      Get out cash
      Pay in cheques and cash
      Post letters and parcels
      Collect and return
      Drop and go
      Bill payments
      Pre-order currency
      Post Office summary

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