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Page updated 13 June 2018

Gamlingay and Hatleys Car Scheme

Gamlingay and Hatleys car scheme - Mick Marshall taking a client to Biggleswade.The Gamlingay and Hatleys Car Scheme has been in operation for over 20 years – in addition Hatley St George, East Hatley and Gamlingay, it also covers Little Gransden, Great Gransden, Croydon and Waresley.

Pictured is Mick Marshall, who has been taking clients to appointments for several years.

It organises transport by volunteer drivers for anyone who cannot provide their own transport and where public transport is unsuitable or non-existent to:

  1. Hospitals (including visiting patients)
  2. Chiropodists
  3. Doctors
  4. Dentists
  5. Opticians
  6. Physiotherapy, etc
  7. Friends and shopping

Priority is given for medical appointments – it is not a taxi service.

If you would like to use it, please ring 07519 493 701 and give as much notice as possible – even if you have an appointment in a month or two.  You are welcome to be accompanied by a carer.

If you are wheelchair bound, most cars can take a folding wheelchair – drivers are not supposed to operate wheelchairs or be a 'carer', so please take a carer with you.

The cost of a journey is based on 25p per mile (calculated from the driver's home and back) for each journey – although a fixed fee for each journey has already been calculated: typically, a trip to Addenbrooke's costs £10.00 (which you pay to the driver).  Best to ask the cost when you make an appointment.

You can also contact Cambridgeshire County Council's Community Transport Officer about individual transport needs on 0345 045 1151.


The opportunity to use buses locally changed at the beginning of June 2014 when the Demand Responsive Transport system was introduced for people in Hatley and surrounding villages.

While the new service doesn't go to any hospitals, it could still be of use if you have no other form of transport.  We've put the details up on our 'buses' page.

Drivers required!

The scheme is in urgent need of more volunteer drivers.  If you have a clean driving licence and are able to spare the odd couple of hours (with your car), the organisers would be very pleased to hear from you.  No firm commitment is required – you can always say 'no'.

On the day, passengers pay the driver 25p per mile from the driver's home and back for each journey.

The scheme is supported by Cambridgeshire County Council – each quarter the Council pays 15p per mile to the Scheme's co-ordinator who passes it on to the driver, so drivers get 40p per mile total, but in two instalments.

To join, please ring the Scheme's local co-ordinator on 07519 493 701.

Other information

Cambridgeshire County Council has website information about community transport which includes downloadable leaflets.

South Cambridgeshire District Council's website page Community Transport details other useful information, including its South Cambs Transport Directory 2017.




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