• Our churches are open | St Denis', East Hatley every day from around 8.30 am to dusk. Hatley St George church on request via the house opposite.
  • BLUE + GREEN bins this Wednesday |
  • Coffee Morning – Tuesday, 4th October | 10.00 am to 1.00 pm, Village Hall – and an opportunity to use the new toilets!
  • Order your milk from the village shop | 01767 650 971 – they will deliver to you. Stop by and see what else there is.
  • Going for a walk? | Ideas in 'About Hatley', below.

Welcome to the Hatley website

The site for East Hatley and Hatley St George residents and visitors.
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Next bin collection

A reminder to put used face masks and other PPE (e.g. gloves), remains of Covid test kits, tissues and kitchen paper into your black bin.

Wednesday, 5th October – blue and green bins.

Check our Rubbish collection page for general collection information.


For the current situation, best to go to the government’s information page and pop in your postcode for any local details.

Page created 23rd April 2019, updated 2nd October 2022.