Hatley Village Hall
open to hire

Our village hall is a clean, pleasant, functional and roomy community facility available for hire (whether or not you live or work in Hatley) every day from 8.30 am to midnight.

It can be used for meetings, talks, discos, private parties and wedding receptions.  There’s plenty of space, a clean, modern kitchen and the acoustics are very good.

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  • For more detail about the hall…
  • …check its availability…
  • …on the booking form link for copies of the form you will need to complete and submit to Hatley Parish Clerk with your booking fee and deposit…
  • …the story of our new kitchen…
  • …and on the ‘Events in the Village Hall’ link for a run down of some of the events which have taken place there.

Hatley Village Hall – address

Hatley Village Hall
1 Main Street
Hatley St George
SG19 3HW

To view or hire the Hall, please contact Nicola Pearce, the Parish Clerk, Tel: 01767 650 640 / 07902 494 745 / e-mail: parishclerk@hatley.info.

Page created 4 February 2019; updated 20th September 2021.