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Page updated 20 April 2014

Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire. The Parish Church is on the right.  16 June 2013.

Welcome to the Hatley website

This website is primarily for the residents of Hatley St George and East Hatley, with news, history, community updates and details of local services.

There's a search box below – as well as photos of
recent(ish) events in East Hatley and Hatley St George.

The parish of Hatley unites the hamlets of Hatley St George and East Hatley, half a mile apart in the arable farmland of south Cambridgeshire.

Hatley is roughly halfway between Bedford and Cambridge, linked by footpaths and bridleways to the surrounding villages.

The two hamlets predate Domesday. They share two medieval churches, a village shop-cum-post office and a cricket green. There is a useful, and up-to-date, section on Hatley on the Wikipedia website.  Details of the listed buildings in Hatley can be found on the British Listed Buildings website.

The Grade II* listed parish church of Hatley St George (above right, in June 2013) stands opposite St George's Tower, originally a water tower, now a small business park.

A feature of the Hatleys is that the more important buildings were once surrounded by moats.  These can still be seen, especially in East Hatley.

Next to a good water-supply, a dry soil for building was generally essential, though some west Cambridgeshire villages planted upon heavy ill-drained clays put a moat around every house to drain the site, as at East Hatley, where most of the moats, or the remains of them, can be traced to this day.

From English Landscapes by W G Hoskins, BBC Publications, 1973 (ISBN 0563 12407 5).

Professor W G Hoskins (1908 - 1992) is credited with establishing English local history as a formal academic discipline.  His pioneering book The Making of the English Landscape, first published in 1955 (ISBN 0140154108), is well worth reading, although currently out of print – second hand copies can be obtained via Amazon.

St. Denis church – also Grade II* listed and now an empty shell no longer in use and on the English Heritage Buildings at Risk register, although the churchyard is still consecrated – retains its moat; other moats can be seen from the road near Manor Barn and The Palace.

There is more about the history of the Hatleys on our About Hatley page – and photographs of Hatley and the surrounding area on the Geograph site. The Geograph Britain and Ireland project is collecting geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland from material supplied by, well, anyone.

In early December 2013, the Friends of Friendless Churches announced it '...would be willing to take the freehold of the Grade II* listed church of St Denis, East Hatley and safeguard it in perpetuity'.  South Cambridgeshire District Council, the current owners of St Denis, is in the process of finalising the details – meanwhile, the appeal to raise funds locally remains.

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Hatley memories – 2013

Most of the photos have a link to another page with
more pictures and information about the event.

▲  Malcolm Guite came to Hatley St George on 29 November, entertained us with his poetry reading and signed copies of his new collection of poems – The Singing Bowl. ▲  Hatley History Talk – a photo from The Landscape Detective,
Sue Oosthuizen's wonderful talk on 1 November in Hatley Village Hall.
Hatley Race Night - 21 September 2013 St Denis East Hatley - churchyard tidy up 1 September 2013.
▲  Hatley Race Night – on 21 September was a great success and thoroughly enjoyable evening. £373.40 was raised towards the Village Hall funds. ▲  St Denis churchyard tidy ups - here at the third of or late summer workings.  Click on the picture for why it's important to keep the churchyard tidy and more photos.
Hatley St George Fête, 30 June 2013. Hatley BBQ - 30 June 2013
▲  Hatley Fête, 30 June 2013. ▲  Hatley BBQ, 30 June 2013.
St Denis East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - tidy-up + mower blessing - 9 June 2013. Hatley St George concert - 12-5-13 - Christian Rutherford, Philippa Pearson, Nathalie Bending and Rebecca Warner.
▲  Mower blessed.  The new scythe mower – 9 June. ▲  The marvellous concert in Hatley St George Church, 12 May.
Buff Wood, Cambridgeshire - 8 May 2013. Audience at the Barn Owl talk given by Peter Wilkinson, the Barn Owl Conservation Network advisdor [www.bocn.org] at Hatley Village Hall, 12 April 2013.
▲  A walk in Buff Wood – click on the photo for a report and more pictures, taken during the walk on 8 May and a previous walk in 2004. While in the 'Outdoors and leisure' section of this website, do take a look at the other pages. ▲  Fascinated by barn owls – the 50 strong audience listening to Peter Wilkinson, the Barn Owl Conservation Network advisor [www.bocn.org] at Hatley Village Hall, 12 April.
Hatley St George Churech, Canbridgeshire.  The photo is from Malcolm Guite's website - http://malcolmguite.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/hatley-st-george-a-poem-for-st-georges-day-2/ ◄  'Stand here a while and drink the silence in.' –  the first line of Malcolm Guite's lovely poem Hatley St George epitomised in his photo of the interior of Hatley St George church – which he celebrated in his St George's Day blog, from where the photo came.

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The next bin collection is on Friday, 25 April – black bin.

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postal rates

Planning application –
Barn Farm, East Hatley

     The Extraordinary meeting
     of Hatley Parish Council on
     8 April 2014 discussed the
     application for the erection of
     a dwelling at Barn Farm, East
           SCDC ref S/0308/14/FL

           NB The closing date for 
comments was 11 April.


Speed monitoring sign - White paper - Hatley Parish Council - 8th April 2014     The same meeting also
     discussed the problem of
     speeding vehicles through
     Hatley – and is minded to
     negotiate with Gamlingay
     and Potton to share a portable
     flashing warning sign. 

     Click on the graphic for a
     white paper on the subject.

St Denis – appeal continues 

St Denis, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - appeal launched to raise money to secure its future with Friends of Friendless Churches.

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     BREAD, milk and papers
     are delivered daily – bread 
     and milk by the shop / post
 in Hatley St George
     (650 971) and papers by
     Cameron’s in Gamlingay
     (651 986).  Why bother to go
     and fetch them when they
     can be delivered to your door?

     Make it a regular  date – 
     23 April and every
     Wednesday.   7.30 pm,
     Hatley Village Hall.
     leader, too!  See the Latest
for more information.

     2014 / 2015 postal rates.

     Roads – up-to-date traffic
     information via

     Hatley Parish Council's
     minutes of recent meetings
     (including the meeting on
     21 January) – Ordinary and
     Planning – are available via
     our Minutes pop-up page.
     Kim Wilde took over the role
     of Parish Clerk last October.
     Phone her on 01767 650 596
     or contact her by e-mail. For
     Hatley Parish Council details,      go to the Council's home page.

     Memories of East Hatley
     Read E. W. Peters' fascinating
     account of Life in East Hatley
     in 1949 – and The farming
: Bill Richardson's vivid
     memories of shocks, stooks,
     sheaves and stacks in 1942.

     Details of all local C of E  
are available on the
     Gamlingay Church website.

     In Hatley, the services at
     Hatley St George church are
     held every second (11.00 am)
     and fourth (8.00 am) Sunday
     of the month.


    23 April – Pilates...
         7.30 pm, Village Hall

    27 April – Croydon
         Village Market, 10.30 am
         to 1.00 pm

    7 May, 7.30 pm – Gamlingay
         + District Gardening Club.
         Hardy geraniums – a talk
         by Gerald Sinclair.
         WI Hall, Gamlingay. £2.50

    10 June – Police Panel
         meeting.  7.30 pm,
         Gamlingay Village College.
         Go to our 'Police' page for
         more information.

    28 / 29 June – Village Fête
         weekend, Hatley St George

     For a wider view of what's
         happening in South
         Cambridgeshire, go to
         Shape Your Place.

Cleaning Fairy
     Ffion McDonald, aka The
     Cleaning Fairy
, offers
     'Tailored home cleaning
     services'.  You can contact her
     on Gamlingay 650 742.

Other Hatleys

Hatley Store, Canada     This poster was spotted
     recently in Toronto's CN Tower
     pointing the way to... a branch
     of Hatley, the Canadian store
     specialising in clothes for kids
     and grown ups – search
     Google for UK outlets.

     And do have a look at our
     Hatleys around the world
     page.  If you know of any other
     places called Hatley, or can
     update the stuff we have,
     please let us know.

     Archaeological report on
     St Denis, East Hatley,
     December 2005 – click here
     to download the (large file)
          Species list.
          Site recording card.
          Site management plan.
          Site map.
           Insects and Cave Spider.

     Take a look at  Hatley Village
and the St Denis
     Nature Reserve Local
     Management Group

     Train facilities page updated
     and enhanced – including
     details of when peak time
     charges apply.

     Station parking information

     101 – the new police
     non-emergency number

     Hatley Park Estate.

Blue bins – what goes in them.

Bin collections:

Friday, 25 April –black bin.



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