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Page updated 14 March 2019

Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire. The Parish Church is on the right.  16 June 2013.

Welcome to the Hatley website

This website is primarily for the residents of Hatley St George and East Hatley, with news, history, community updates and details of local services.

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... and weather forecasts for Waresley, Wimpole Hall, Cambridge and Bedford...

... and local footpath information as well.

The parish of Hatley unites the hamlets of Hatley St George and East Hatley, half a mile apart in the arable farmland of south Cambridgeshire.

The extent of the parish is shown on this map; its Parish Council was established on 5th July 1973.

Hatley is roughly halfway between Bedford and Cambridge, linked by footpaths and bridleways to the surrounding villages.

The two hamlets predate Domesday.  They share two medieval churches, a village hall, a playing field with swings and a village shop-cum-post office.

There's a useful, and up-to-date, section on Hatley on the Wikipedia website.  Details of the listed buildings in Hatley can be found on the British Listed Buildings website.

Hatley is also listed in the Open Domesday project, which shows there were 32 households in East Hatley and Hatley St George in 1066 – the 2011 census puts the figure at 78 (click on the link above to open an Excel file – use the drop down list to find Hatley).


A feature of the Hatleys is that the more important buildings were once surrounded by moats.  These can still be seen, especially in East Hatley.

Next to a good water-supply, a dry soil for building was generally essential, though some west Cambridgeshire villages planted upon heavy ill-drained clays put a moat around every house to drain the site, as at East Hatley, where most of the moats, or the remains of them, can be traced to this day.

From English Landscapes by W G Hoskins, BBC Publications, 1973 (ISBN 0563 12407 5).

Professor W G Hoskins (1908 - 1992) is credited with establishing English local history as a formal academic discipline.  His pioneering book The Making of the English Landscape, first published in 1955 (ISBN 0140154108), is well worth reading, although currently out of print – second hand copies can be obtained via Amazon.


The Grade II* listed parish church of Hatley St George (above, in June 2013) stands opposite St George's Tower, originally a water tower, now part of a small business park.  Services are held there twice a month.

St Denis' church in East Hatley is also Grade II* listed and now an empty shell no longer in use and, because of restoration work in 2005 / 06 is no longer on the English Heritage Heritage at risk register.  With the Friends of Friendless Churches having taken ownership of the building in November 2016 and having completed the first part of its programme of repairs in spring 2018, we are hopeful they will eventually complete the restoration with a refurbished interior and glass in all the windows.  There is more about this in St Denis – the next chapter.

Its churchyard, however, is still consecrated and is a Local Nature Reserve – it retains its moat; other moats can be seen from the road near Manor Barn and The Palace.

There is more about the history of the Hatleys on our About Hatley page – and photographs of Hatley and the surrounding area on the Geograph site.  (The Geograph Britain and Ireland project is collecting geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland from material supplied by, well, anyone.)

Footpaths, bridleways and other useful information

There are lots of footpaths and bridleways around East Hatley and Hatley St George, well noted on Ordnance Survey maps.

The same goes for the Green spaces and activities section of the Cambridgeshire County Council website – the link above takes you to the Definitive map and statement page (with useful background information) from where you can click on the Rights of way interactive map for the county.

Put your postcode into the search box on that page to home in on Hatley: click on a footpath or bridleway for its name, number and length – with much more detail for bridleways.

And while on this section of the County's website, click on the My house tab for lots of useful local information.

Historian and Gamlingay resident Bernard O'Connor has some very detailed information about the Hatley footpaths (as well as those in Gamlingay and other local villages).

For Hatley, use this footpath link and then click on the individual footpath numbers.  For other villages, use this link and click on the village name.

only search Hatley


Weather forecasts

The most local-to-Hatley forecasts on the Met Office website are for Waresley and Wimpole Hall – to which we've added Cambridge and Bedford:

Waresley is 2.5 miles north west of Hatley St George
and 3.1 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

Wimpole Hall is 3.9 miles east of Hatley St George
and 3.4 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Cambridge is north east of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Bedford is west of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

These weather forecasts are generated by the Met Office Weather Widget.

Use the bars on the left for links to other sections of this site –
or click
site map for a full listing

Hatley is grid reference
TL 28257 50876
Latitude  52.141293
Longitude  -0.127223



Bin collections


20th March
Black bin

Other bin info


Click here

Parish Council meeting:
on 19th March

    Hatley Parish Council will be
    holding an Ordinary Meeting on
    Tuesday, 5th March, at 7.30pm
    in the Village Hall.  Members of
    the public are always made very
    welcome – and you can have
    your say too.  Agenda.

CPR and Defibrillator awareness training
on 23rd March

    There will be two sessions of
    one hour each being run by
    East Anglian Air Ambulance
    Service in Hatley Village Hall on
    Saturday, 23 March at 11.00 am
    + Wednesday, 3 April at 2.00 pm

    Full details in the Parish Council's
    March newsletter.  There's no
    charge but any donations will be
    gratefully received by the EAAA.

Hatley litter pick
Sunday, 24th March
from 10.00 am

Please come and help to collect the litter spoiling the verges on the road passing through Hatley on Sunday, 24th March 2019 – meet at hatley Village Hall at 10.00 am.  Bin bags and pickers provided – please wear suitable gloves and footwear.

    Hatley litter pick day – Sunday,
    24th March.  Meet at Hatley
    Village Hall at 10.00 amplease
    wear strong gloves and sensible

    Litter pickers and refuse sacks
    will be provided.

    For the story of the 2018 litter pick.
    the photos of our 2017 litter
    picking heroes and heroines and,
    by scrolling down a bit further,
    Ishbel Beatty's poem about the
    2018 session, click here.

Join the
Sunday Tea party
Hatley Village Hall
31st March

Mothering Sunday tea party - Sunday, 31st March 2019 from 4.00 to 6.00 pm in Hatley Village Hall, Cambridgeshire.

    From 4.00 to 6.00 pm.  Everyone
    welcome to this free event
    (donations will be welcomed).

    Bring the person who does the
    ‘Mothering’ in your family – it may
    be your Dad, your Grandma, your
    Step-Mum or, indeed, your Mum.
    Tea, cakes etc plus activities for

The next Hatley
Coffee Morning
is 2nd April,
from 10.00 am

Hatley Coffee Morning

    TUESDAY, 2nd April, from
    10.00 am to 1.00 pm.  Do go
    to the Village Hall – great place
    for a great natter, cake and coffee
    (or tea if you prefer).  Photos
    and info: Latest page.

A428 / Black Cat

    The preferred route for the A428
    Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet
, including the three
    roundabout options, has been

    The Orange Route has been
    selected along with Option C for
    the Black Cat roundabout.

    Highways England has confirmed
    'both of these options were widely
    supported in the consultation and
    our assessments show these
    offer the best benefits for road
    users, significantly reducing
    congestion and rat-running
    through local communities and
    providing the best value for
    money'.  Go to the Highways site
    for maps and full details.

The Hatley
Pancake Race
2019 Hatley Pancake Race - the winners... 3rh March 2019.

    3rd March and all the fun of the
    2019 Hatley Pancake Race

    those are the winners above.
    Do go to the Hatley Facebook
    page for more photos.

    Very big thanks to Linda Hudson
    and Mervyn Lack
for all the hard
    work they put in to making the
    race happen.

Hatley Parish

    Use this link for a copy of the
    March 2019 issue.  If you
    have any news items for future
    issues, please let Kim Wilde
    know.  Kim is the Parish Clerk –
    01767 650 596.

The Famous
Hatley Quiz...

    Raised £417 for Hatley things.

Hatley's defibrillator
– just dial 999

Hatley's new defibrillator - located outside the Village Hall in Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.

    Our public access defibrillator
    (above) is ready for use.  It's
    located outside the Village Hall
    in a locked and temperature-
    controlled cabinet.

    If you need to use it, first dial     999 it has been registered with
    the NHS who will provide the
    code to open the cabinet door
    and give instructions for its use

    Two training sessions of
    one hour each are being run by
    East Anglian Air Ambulance
    Service in Hatley Village Hall on
    Saturday, 23 March at 11.00 am
    + Wednesday, 3 April at 2.00 pm

    Full details in the Parish Council's
    March newsletter.  There's no
    charge but any donations will be
    gratefully received by the EAAA.

Someone’s nicked our children sign

'Children' sign - stolen from Main Street, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire, on 6th January 2019.  If you know of its whereabouts or see it advertised for sale, please contact the police - ring 101 and quote crime number 35/1540/19. Thank you.

    You may have noticed the two
    ‘children’ signs in Hatley St
    George have gone.  The one
    above was stolen on Sunday,
    6th January; the other has been
    removed by the Parish Council
    for safe keeping.  Click on the
    photo for a larger version.

    They are quite valuable – they
    predate the current style of signs
    which were introduced in 1963,
    so must be at least 55 years old.

    If you see it advertised anywhere
    or hear about it, please tell the
    police (ring 101 and quote crime
    number 35/1540/19
) and also
    the Parish Council via Kim Wilde,
    the clerk:

unwanted phone calls

    Visit our page on this subject...

Christmas Tea

2018 Hatley Christmas Tea saw Gill Wilsher presenting a special book to Simon Keith and Ishbel Beatty on behalf of Hatley village - after 40 years at The Palace, East Hatley, they are moving to Retford.  Hatley Village Hall, Cambridgeshire, 2nd December 2018.

    Click here for photos from the
    the 2018 Hatley Christmas Tea.

St Denis’ featured

St Denis' church, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - featured in Froends of Friendless Churches' Autumn 2018 newsletter.

    ▲  St Denis' church has been
    given a full page update review in
    the Friends of Friendless
    Churches' Autumn 2018
    newsletter, which has just been
    published – the only one of 13
    churches featured in this issue to
    be given such prominence.  Click
    on the graphic for a readable

    The newsletter, an A5, 84 page
    magazine, is free to friends of
    the FoFC (which owns St Denis'
    church).  A subscription to join
    the Friends
would make a nice
    Christmas present – and a
    positive way to help the FoFC carry
    on with its restoration work.

New doors for the Village Hall

The new doors on hatley's Village Hall – they are double-glazed, draught-proof (at last!) and more secure than the old ones.

    And thanks to a grant from
the doors to the Village
    Hall have been replaced – the
    new ones are double-glazed,
    draught-proof (at last!) and more
    secure than the old ones.
    Photos: Kim Wilde.

application news

    Holbeins Farm has applied for a
    Certificate of Lawful Development,
    change of use of agricultural
    building to a dwelling (Class C3).
    The consultation period is due to
    end on 6th March 2019.  More
    detail on our Planning page.

    However there is no decision yet
    on the Holbeins Farm application
    to demolish a single story twin
    pitched asbestos barn.  See our
    Planning page.

    Barn Farm has applied for
    permission to erect an
    agricultural workers' dwelling.  It
    was considered by Hatley Parish
    Council at its meeting on 16th
    October – because nothing is
    known about the viability of Barn
    Farm's business, the Parish
    Council will repeat its comments
    to SCDC from three years ago.
    See our Planning page.

    Brief details of Hatley planning
    applications going back to 2004
    are on our Planning page.


    ... are delivered daily by the
shop in Hatley St George –
    ring them to order yours:
    01767 650 971

    Why fetch them when they
    can be delivered to your door?

Hatley shop and post office, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire - new Post Office sign - 4-5-16.

    In addition to being the village
    store and post office
, the shop
    also sells tickets for  the Health
, Rudi's doggy bakery,
    Gemma's Gems and Olga's
    homemade jewellery plus
    groceries and greeting cards.

    AND the good food from the
    Woodview Farm shop in
– why go to Gamlingay
    when bacon, sausages, beef
    steaks and minced beef are
    available at the Hatley shop.

    They can also order liver, turkey,
    chicken, ham, roasting joints
    and leg of lamb for you too –
    ring them to order yours:
    01767 650 971.

Stay stronger for longer

Stay stronger for longer

    Stay Stronger for Longer
    highlights how strength and
    balance exercises help lots of
    people to keep doing the things
    they enjoy – for longer.

    Find out how on our latest page.

Hatley doings
in verse:
alpacas vs llamas

    Ishbel Beatty has written several
    witty Hatley poems – from how
    snow cancelled a litter pick to
    churchyard woes.

    After discussing the Hatley
with a visitor, who was
    confused between alpacas and
    llamas (as well as between
    emus and ostriches) she has
    penned a new poem for us.

    Find it and Ishbel's other poems
    on our Latest page.

Right of way
Definitive Maps

Hatley portion of the new Definitive Map of rights of way - September 2016

    The County Council has
    produced a new Definitive Map
    and Statement of Public Rights
    of Way for Cambridgeshire.
    Click here for details.

PC things

     The next Parish Council meeting
     is an Ordinary Meeting on
     Tuesday, 19th March at 7.30 pm
     in Hatley Village Hall.  Agenda.


     Copies of Hatley Parish
     Council's minutes and
     agendas going back to 2002
     are available via our Agendas
     and minutes


    Details of the Parish Council's
    finances are available via our
    Parish Council Finance page.

    See below for more PC stuff.

Policing in Hatley

    It's online – if you want to report
, the police have a
    very useful new web link.

St Denis’ church:
new floor and windows

    After SCDC granted planning
for the much-needed
    repairs to St Denis' church, East
    Hatley, it's good to report the
    first stage of work has been
    completed – the floor has been
    replaced and the windows in the
    nave now have glass in them.
    Much more worked needed,
    when funding permits.

    Click on the photo below for
    a peek at how the inside of the
    church now looks following the
    first phase restoration work.

St Denis, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - interior - looking east after renovation - 23rd July 2018

    To celebrate the work FoFC had
    done, FoFC's director, recorded
    an interview with BBC Radio
    Cambridgeshire – use this link
    to listen to it

    The Biggleswade Chronicle also
    featured the open evening on
    its Biggleswade Today website
    and this is the Royston Crow

    A report from Rachel Morley,
    the new director of The Friends
    of Friendless Churches (FoFC),
    which owns St Denis (but not the
    graveyard – that is still
    consecrated), can be found here.

    The FoFC commissioned a bat
    survey last year – click here for
    a copy
... and here for the
    preliminary roost survey report,
    September 2014

    The FoFC outlined its ideas to
    Hatley Parish Council last July –
    read about them here.

    Following the handing over
    ceremony in July 2017, St Denis'
    was featured in the local press –
    this link will take you there.

    Cambridgeshire & Peterborough
    County Wildlife Trust
carried out
    one of its occasional surveys of
    St Denis' churchyard last June.
    Use this link to read the 2017
– and this link for the
    2012 survey.

Hatley website
privacy notice

    Please click below for a copy of
    our privacy notice.

Eating out...

... in Gamlingay:
       Cock Inn, 25 Church Street –
             65 02 55
       Happy Chef, 33a Church Street
             – 65 02 02
       Jannah, 1 Church Street –
             65 21 17
       LJ's Sandwich Bar, 40 Church
             Street – 65 03 33
      The Wheatsheaf, 92 Church
             Street – 65 11 77
       Woodview Farm,
             Potton Road –
                  Shop – 650 200
                  Café – 651 667
... in Croydon:
       Wood Grill at The Queen
– 01223 208 278

... in Longstowe:
       The Red House01954
       264 777

Share your memories

    Do you have a Hatley memory
    you'd like to share?  Send it to
    the site's webmaster.


    Use this link for what’s on at
         Gamlingay Eco Hub.

Yoga come to Hatley - Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Hatley Village Hall, Cambridgeshire, SG19 3HW.

    YOGA every Tuesday
at Hatley Village Hall from
    5.45 to 6.45 pm.  No need to
    book – just turn up!  £6.00 per
    class.  NB No longer Thursday.

    19 March Hatley Parish
         Council: Ordinary Meeting
         Hatley Village Hall,  7.30 pm          Agenda
    23 March CPR and Defibrillator
         awareness training
11.00 am,
         Hatley Village Hall.  Details
    24 March Hatley Litter Pick
         Please come and help to pick
         up the litter spoiling the verges
         on the road passing through
              Meet Hatley Village Hall,
         10.00 am – bags and litter
         picking sticks will be provided;
         best if you wear a good pair
         of gardening gloves
    31 March Mothering Sunday
         Tea Party
.  4.00 to 6.00 pm
         Hatley Village Hall
    2 April Coffee Morning in
         the Village Hall – 10.00 am to
         1.00 pm
    3 April CPR and Defibrillator
         awareness training
2.00 pm,
         Hatley Village Hall.  Details
    3 April Gamlingay and
         District Gardening Club
         Spring flowering shrubs and
– illustrated talk
         by Simon McWilliams of
         Hedgehog Plants.
         7.30 pm, Kier Suite, Eco Hub,
         Stocks Lane, Gamlingay.
         Visitors £3.00, including
         refreshments.  Chairman:
         Dawn Black – 01767 654 857
    8 AprilGamlingay and
         District History Society
         Sutton Hoo
: an illustrated
         talk by Veronica Bennett.
         7.30 pm, Kier Suite, Eco Hub,
         Stocks Lane, Gamlingay
    2 May GamArch –
         Gamlingay Archaeology
 7.30 pm at the Blythe
         Way Community Room –
         Blythe Way is off Stock's
         Lane opposite the EcoHub,
    21 May Hatley Parish
         Council: Annual Meetings
         Hatley Village Hall,  7.00 pm
    7 July Hatley Village Fête
         playing field, Hatley St George
         1.00 to 4.30 pm.  
    16 JulyHatley Parish
         Council: Ordinary Meeting
         Hatley Village Hall,  7.30 pm
    15 October Hatley Parish
         Council: Ordinary Meeting
         Hatley Village Hall,  7.30 pm

     For local places to eat and
         ideas of where to visit,
         click here


     The next Parish Council meeting
     is an Ordinary Meeting on
     Tuesday, 19th March at 7.30 pm
     in Hatley Village Hall.  Members
     of the public are most welcome
     to attend.  Agenda


     Agendas / minutes from 2002
     Use these links for copies of
     minutes and agendas.


     Various documents for
     2017-18 are on our Finances


     Reports and documents
     Annual reports – 2017
     Statutory documents.


     See our Planning page for
     general planning information
     and links to applications in
     Hatley St George and East


     Flooding – thankfully unlikely
     in Hatley, but the County
     Council has issued two
     documents: Land owners
     responsibilities factsheet
     Emergency information.


     KIM WILDE is our Parish
.  Phone her on 01767
     650 596
or contact her by
     e-mail.  For Hatley Parish
     Council details, go to the
     Council's home page.


     Greensands Medical Practice
     – our local surgery – current
(as at 9 August 2018).

     More about the surgery on our
     Emergency – doctors page.


Adult Support

     There's a lot going on in
     Cambridgeshire to support
     residents and communities
     locally.   Cambridgeshire.net
     is full of information and a
     database detailing relevant
     events locally (with Gamlingay
     as the location) + wider afield.

Local buses

     On our Bus page are
     details of the Service 28 bus –
     the Demand Response
     Transport from Hatley to local
     villages in Cambridgeshire.

Gamlingay and Hatley
history stuff

    Hatley test pits

    Gamlingay History Society

    Gamlingay Archaeology Group

Places to visit

    If you're stuck for ideas of
    somewhere to go, try these

    Where can we go? – you can
         search for events in each
         county as well as by village,
         town or post code.
    Visit Cambridge and beyond:
         what's on in Cambridge,
         Cambridgeshire and
         surrounding areas
    University of Cambridge:
         public events.
    Bedford and surrounding
    The Best of Bedfordshire.
    Open Gardens: national listing.
    Shuttleworth Collection of old
         planes at Old Warden + the
         Swiss Garden.
    Antique fairs [1].
    Antique fairs [2].

    Roads – up-to-date traffic
    information via Traffic England

Other stuff

   Gamlingay Library – info


    Memories of East Hatley
    Read E. W. Peters' fascinating
    account of Life in East Hatley
    in 1949 – and The farming
: Bill Richardson's vivid
    memories of shocks, stooks,
    sheaves and stacks in 1942.


    services are available on the
    Gamlingay Church website.

    In Hatley, the services at
    Hatley St George church are
    held every second (11.00 am)
    and fourth (8.00 am) Sunday
    of the month from September to


         Ffion McDonald, aka The
         Cleaning Fairy
, offers
         'Tailored home cleaning
         services'.  You can contact
         her on Gamlingay 650 742

    There are many other local
    businesses – the Yell.com
    sites include companies in:
         East Hatley
         Hatley St George

Red kite over Hatley

    If you spot a large bird with a
    forked tail swooping over your
    garden, it'll be a red kite looking
    for its next meal.  One is seen
    regularly over East Hatley.

Other Hatleys

Hatley Store, Canada    This poster was spotted in
    Toronto's CN Tower pointing
    the way to... a branch of
    Hatley, the Canadian store
    specialising in clothes for kids
    and grown ups – search
    Google for UK outlets.

    And do have a look at our
    Hatleys around the world
    page.  If you know of any
    other places called Hatley, or
    can update the stuff we have,
    please let us know.

Take a look at...

    Hatley Village Association

    St Denis' church Nature Reserve
    Local Management Group


    Train facilities page includes
    details of when peak time
    charges apply.

    Station parking information


    Hatley Park Estate.


    Roads – up-to-date traffic
    information via Traffic England

Bin collections

    Blue binswhat goes in them,
    including paper.

    Rubbish collection (link to
    Hatley information).

    Hatley bin collections are
    normally on a Wednesday.



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