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Page updated 25 August 2015

Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire. The Parish Church is on the right.  16 June 2013.

Welcome to the Hatley website

This website is primarily for the residents of Hatley St George and East Hatley, with news, history, community updates and details of local services.

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... and weather forecasts for Waresley, Wimpole Hall, Cambridge and Bedford.

The parish of Hatley unites the hamlets of Hatley St George and East Hatley, half a mile apart in the arable farmland of south Cambridgeshire.

Hatley is roughly halfway between Bedford and Cambridge, linked by footpaths and bridleways to the surrounding villages.

The two hamlets predate Domesday.  They share two medieval churches, a village shop-cum-post office and a cricket green (although, sadly, the last match was played in 2013).

There's a useful, and up-to-date, section on Hatley on the Wikipedia website.  Details of the listed buildings in Hatley can be found on the British Listed Buildings website.

Hatley is also listed in the Open Domesday project, which shows there were 32 households in East Hatley and Hatley St George in 1066 – the 2011 census puts the figure at 78 (click on the link above to open an Excel file – use the drop down list to find Hatley).

The Grade II* listed parish church of Hatley St George (above, in June 2013) stands opposite St George's Tower, originally a water tower, now a small business park.


A feature of the Hatleys is that the more important buildings were once surrounded by moats.  These can still be seen, especially in East Hatley.

Next to a good water-supply, a dry soil for building was generally essential, though some west Cambridgeshire villages planted upon heavy ill-drained clays put a moat around every house to drain the site, as at East Hatley, where most of the moats, or the remains of them, can be traced to this day.

From English Landscapes by W G Hoskins, BBC Publications, 1973 (ISBN 0563 12407 5).

Professor W G Hoskins (1908 - 1992) is credited with establishing English local history as a formal academic discipline.  His pioneering book The Making of the English Landscape, first published in 1955 (ISBN 0140154108), is well worth reading, although currently out of print – second hand copies can be obtained via Amazon.

St. Denis church is also Grade II* listed and now an empty shell no longer in use and on the English Heritage Heritage at risk register, although we are hopeful the Friends of Friendless Churches will take it over later this year – see below.

Its churchyard, however, is still consecrated and is a Local Nature Reserve – it retains its moat; other moats can be seen from the road near Manor Barn and The Palace.

There is more about the history of the Hatleys on our About Hatley page – and photographs of Hatley and the surrounding area on the Geograph site.  (The Geograph Britain and Ireland project is collecting geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland from material supplied by, well, anyone.)

Footpaths, bridleways and other useful information

There are lots of footpaths and bridleways around East Hatley and Hatley St George, well noted on Ordnance Survey maps.

The same goes for the Green spaces and activities section of the Cambridgeshire County Council website – the link above takes you to the Definitive map and statement page (with useful background information) from where you can click on the Rights of way interactive map for the county.

Put your postcode into the search box on that page to home in on Hatley: click on a footpath or bridleway for its name, number and length – with much more detail for bridleways.

And while on this section of the County's website, click on the My house tab for lots of useful local information.

St Denis' church on its way to being saved

In early December 2013, the Friends of Friendless Churches announced it '...would be willing to take the freehold of the Grade II* listed church of St Denis, East Hatley and safeguard it in perpetuity'.

South Cambridgeshire District Council, the current owners of St Denis, is in the process of finalising the details (still the case as at 25 August 2015) – meanwhile, the appeal to raise funds locally remains.

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Weather forecasts

The most local-to-Hatley forecasts on the Met Office website are for Waresley and Wimpole Hall – to which we've added Cambridge and Bedford:

Waresley is 2.5 miles north west of Hatley St George
and 3.1 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

Wimpole Hall is 3.9 miles east of Hatley St George
and 3.4 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Cambridge is north east of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Bedford is west of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

These weather forecasts are generated by the Met Office Weather Widget.

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Hatley is grid reference
TL 28257 50876
Latitude  52.141293
Longitude  -0.127223



Bin collections

See below

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17 September

Nature talk by conservation consultant Martin Davies - 7.30 pm, Hatley Village Hall, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire, on 17th September 2015.
Lines in nature, a talk by Martin Davies, looking at features of our local landscape and how animals, birds and plants relate to them.
More info on the Latest page.

Test pits in
East Hatley

5th and 6th September

With the help and guidance of GamArch, continuing the programme of opening test pits in East Hatley to add to the historical knowledge gained from the two dug last year.

Starts at 10.30 am on both days – more details on our Test pit page.

Please ring or e-mail Simon Keith on 01767 650 207 and join the fun of finding who-knows what.


The Parish Council has received notice of a planning application for 35 East Hatley.

There will be an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to discuss the application above and other items – on 1st September in Hatley Village Hall at 7.00 pm.

East Hatley
post box – not good news

A little while ago, the information on the East Hatley box about collection times was changed to 9.00 am weekdays and 7.00 am on Saturdays, although the actual collections were much later in the day – but not any longer.

See our post box collection times page as to what's now happening.


Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire - shop sign of local produce - 8-6-15

Have you stopped and shopped? Fresh bread, fruit juice and milk too!

AND – have you completed the questionnaire Sylvia and Mick circulated on 12 August?  If you've mislaid your copy, you can download a copy here.


    ... are delivered daily by the
    shop / post office
in Hatley St
    George – 650 971.

    Why bother to fetch them when
    they can be delivered to your

See below...

...for the minutes of its most recent meetings and other things.

Have your say

South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) has begun a consultation on whether to move from the current system of electing its councillors in thirds towards the ‘all out’ election of all district councillors every four years.

Why does this matter to you?  
See our Latest page.

St Denis’ churchyard looking tidier

St Denis' East Hatley, Cambridgeshire: churchyard tidy-up volunteers - 19 July 2015.

Click on the photo to see what some Hatley people were doing on Sunday, 19th July.

AND... SCDC, which provided the money for the scythe mower through its Community Chest grant scheme in 2013, has put Peter Mann's photos of the tidy-up on its Facebook page.


...will come to Hatley –
but not until 2016 (click on this link to find out why)

Handy book

    Local author Philippa Pearson
    book, Small Space Big Ideas,
    is full of... ideas.  It makes a
    great birthday present!

Share your memories

    Do you have a Hatley memory
    you'd like to share?  Send it to
    the site's webmaster.


    1 September – Hatley Parish
         Council Extraordinary
         Meeting to discuss an
         application for 35 East Hatley
         at 7.00 pm, Hatley Village
         Hall.  Agenda
2 September – Gamlingay and
         District Gardening Club.
         Andrew Mikolajski – Plants
         for free
.  7.30 pm WI Hall,
         Waresley Road, Gamlingay.
         £2.50.  Chairman: Janet Hale
         – 01767 650 794
    5/6 September – Test pit time
         in East Hatley from 10.30 am
         each day.  More info on our
         Test pits page.  Ring or
         e-mail Simon Keith on
         01767 650 207 and join in.
    9 September – Pilates restarts:
         7.30 pm, Hatley Village Hall
    14 September
Gamlingay +
         District History Society
         My Dad's War – Paul
         Housden on the Burma
         railway, 70 years on.
         7.30 pm in room two,
         Gamlingay Village College.
    17 SeptemberLines in nature,
         a talk by Martin Davies,
         looking at features of our
         local landscape and how
         animals, birds and plants
         relate to them.
               Hatley Village Hall,
         7.30 pm. Tickets: £6.00
         each, under 18s free.  Glass
         of wine / soft drink + nibbles
         included in the price.
              Tickets from Hatley PO
         (650 971) or Peter Mann in
         East Hatley (65 11 15).
              Martin Davis worked for
         many years for the RSPB,
         and is now a freelance
         consultant on a wide range
         of conservation matters,
         from wildlife to windmills
    Until 18 September – have
         your say on the Boundary
         Commission's proposals –
         more info on Latest page
    20 October – Hatley Parish
         Council meeting: 7.30 pm,
          Hatley Village Hall

    For a wider view of what's
         happening in South
         Cambridgeshire, go to
         Shape Your Place.

    And for elsewhere, the
         Where we can go website
         is very useful – it includes
         NGS and British Red Cross
         open gardens.

    If it's just gardens you want,
         have a look at the Open


     Apart form the Extraordinary
on 1st September,
     the next scheduled meeting
     of Hatley Parish Council is on
     Tuesday, 20th October at
     7.30 pm in Hatley Village Hall.

     Minutes for Hatley Parish
     Council's most recent
        19 May 2015: Annual
             – final

        16 July 2015: Extraordinary
             – draft

        21 July 2015: Ordinary
             – draft

     Click here for agendas and
of previous meetings


     Flooding – thankfully unlikely
     in Hatley, but the County
     Council has issued two
     documents: Land owners
     responsibilities factsheet
     Emergency information.

     Notice of Annual Return

     KIM WILDE is our Parish
     Clerk.  Phone her on 01767
     650 596 or contact her by
     e-mail.  For Hatley Parish
     Council details, go to the      Council's home page.


BusBike Explorer launch at Wimpole Hall, 24th July 2014.

SCDC's BusBike Explorer
service runs four times every
Sunday from Cambridge to Hatley. 
See our bus page.

BusBike Explorer's
Facebook page

Also on the Bus page are details
of the Service 28 bus.


The next session is on
Wednesday, 9th September.
Hatley Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
See our Latest page for
a few more details.

Solar farms

    If you went to Hatley Village Hall
    on 21st May, you'll have had the
    opportunity to take part in the
    'consultation' on the proposal to
    build three solar farms locally.

    If not, the organiser's website
    has some of the information on
    display in the hall and the same
    questions being asked there
    and on the flyer recently sent to
    all households in the area – go
    to the Have your say page.

    What the site doesn't tell you is
    the three farms cover 1,269
    acres – of which 389 acres
    almost one third) will be taken
    out of food production for the
    next 25 years.

    It should be noted the website
    uses words and phrases such
    as 'could' and 'can be' – and no
    sources are given for the CO2
    and other figures quoted.  (The
    acreages quoted above were
    noted down from the displays
    in the hall.)

    The owners of the three sites,
    Wentzel Partnership working
    through UK Solar Provider
    (UKSP, which has the same
    address in Wendy as Wentzel
    Partnership), is yet to apply for
    planning permission.


    Your on-line editor loves to
    see a bit of competition –
    which is what we seem to have
    with two Gamlingay newsletters,
    the Gazette and the Post.  Will
    it end in tears?  We don't know,
    but there's some background
    in the Community section of
    this website – with links to both
    publications' websites.

Hatley St George
church newsletter

Click here for a copy of the current issue.  It includes village news, items on drains, the St George shields and diary dates.

St Denis – nearly there 

St Denis, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire - appeal launched to raise money to secure its future with Friends of Friendless Churches.

Flyer about the church.

SCDC, the current owners of St Denis, East Hatley, (the building, not the churchyard) tell us the Church Commissioners have agreed to the transfer of St Denis to the Friends of Friendless Churches.

All that's now required is for the various lawyers involved to complete whatever it is they have to complete and tell us 'job done' – which we are hoping will be in good time for the next Parish Council meeting on 21st July.

The Wildlife Trust has published a preliminary roost survey showing bats roosting in St Denis – click on the link above for a copy.

Appeal for funds

Links to pages on St Denis

Flowers, insects and

LNR management Group

Gamlingay and Hatley
history stuff

Hatley test pits
Gamlingay History Society
Gamlingay Archaeology Group

East Hatley’s phone box under threat

    No news yet about the fate of
    the phone box in East Hatley –
    we'll flag any news up here.
    The background detail is in our
    Shop and Post Office section.


The Greensands Medical Practice – our local surgery – current newsletter.

More about the surgery on our Emergency – doctors page.

The Practice has adopted the 'Telephone triage' system – medical speak for sorting out urgent appointments.  You can read all about it in this note.

Adult Support

There's a huge amount going on in Cambridgeshire to support residents and communities locally. The Cambridgeshire.net website has lots of information plus a database detailing relevant events locally (using Gamlingay as the location) and wider afield.

Eating out...

... in Gamlingay:
       China Garden, 33a Church
             Street – 650 202.
       Cock Inn, 25 Church Street –
             650 255.
       Jannah, 1 Church Street –
             652 117.
       LJ's, 40 Church Street –
             650 333.
       Woodview Farm Shop,
             Potton Road – 661 691.


     The police have set up an
     anonymous system
     whereby anyone can ask for
     a local speed check through
     this link.

     The roadside checks are
     manned by fully trained police
     personnel who have the
     authority to stop and book
     anyone found (via their laser
     guns) to be exceeding the
     local speed limit.

     Speeding white paper.

Other car things

     Car thefts – the police remind
     us not to leave keys in obvious
     places, such as near ground
     floor windows or shelves.

     Catalytic converter thefts –
     It seems South Cambs is
     'being hit with catalytic converter
     thefts' – with Mercedes Sprinter
     vans and Ford Rangers among
     the 'victims'.  More on the police
     eCops website.

     Caravan thefts – the police
     have also sent a reminder to
     immobilise your caravan, even
     if you are stopping for a short
     time, with things like hitch
     locks and towing eye locks, as
     well as wheel clamps (also
     useful for when the caravan is
     not in use).  Use, they say
     www.sold.secure.com to look
     for attack tested products. And,
     of course, fit – and always use
     – an alarm; lock windows,
     doors, roof lights and the gas
     compartment.  Keep the keys
     with you

     Roads – up-to-date traffic
     information via Traffic England

      2015 / 2016 POSTAL RATES

     Gamlingay Library –
     information updated.

     Memories of East Hatley
     Read E. W. Peters' fascinating
     account of Life in East Hatley
     in 1949 – and The farming
: Bill Richardson's vivid
     memories of shocks, stooks,
     sheaves and stacks in 1942.

     services are available on the
     Gamlingay Church website.

     In Hatley, the services at
     Hatley St George church are
     held every second (11.00 am)
     and fourth (8.00 am) Sunday
     of the month.

         Ffion McDonald, aka The
         Cleaning Fairy
, offers
         'Tailored home cleaning
         services'.  You can contact
         her on Gamlingay 650 742

    There are many other local
    businesses – the Yell.com
    sites include companies in:
         East Hatley
         Hatley St George

Other Hatleys

Hatley Store, Canada     This poster was spotted in
     Toronto's CN Tower pointing
     the way to... a branch of
     Hatley, the Canadian store
     specialising in clothes for kids
     and grown ups – search
     Google for UK outlets.

     And do have a look at our
     Hatleys around the world
     page.  If you know of any
     other places called Hatley, or
     can update the stuff we have,
     please let us know.

     Take a look at  Hatley Village
page and the
     St Denis Nature Reserve
     Local Management Group


     Train facilities page includes
     details of when peak time
     charges apply.

     Station parking

     101 – the police
     non-emergency number

     Hatley Park Estate.

     Roads – up-to-date traffic
     information via Traffic England

Bin collections

    Blue binswhat goes in them
    (link to SCDC website).

    Rubbish collection (link to
    Hatley information).

    In December, January and
    February, there's only one
    green bin collection per month
    – our Rubbish collection page
    gives the background to this.

Next collection

    Thursday 27th August
    Blue and green bins.



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