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Page updated 9 December 2016

Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire. The Parish Church is on the right.  16 June 2013.

Welcome to the Hatley website

This website is primarily for the residents of Hatley St George and East Hatley, with news, history, community updates and details of local services.

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... and weather forecasts for Waresley, Wimpole Hall, Cambridge and Bedford...

... and local footpath information as well.

The parish of Hatley unites the hamlets of Hatley St George and East Hatley, half a mile apart in the arable farmland of south Cambridgeshire.

Hatley is roughly halfway between Bedford and Cambridge, linked by footpaths and bridleways to the surrounding villages.

The two hamlets predate Domesday.  They share two medieval churches, a village shop-cum-post office and a cricket green (although, sadly, the last match was played in 2013).

There's a useful, and up-to-date, section on Hatley on the Wikipedia website.  Details of the listed buildings in Hatley can be found on the British Listed Buildings website.

Hatley is also listed in the Open Domesday project, which shows there were 32 households in East Hatley and Hatley St George in 1066 – the 2011 census puts the figure at 78 (click on the link above to open an Excel file – use the drop down list to find Hatley).

The Grade II* listed parish church of Hatley St George (above, in June 2013) stands opposite St George's Tower, originally a water tower, now a small business park.


A feature of the Hatleys is that the more important buildings were once surrounded by moats.  These can still be seen, especially in East Hatley.

Next to a good water-supply, a dry soil for building was generally essential, though some west Cambridgeshire villages planted upon heavy ill-drained clays put a moat around every house to drain the site, as at East Hatley, where most of the moats, or the remains of them, can be traced to this day.

From English Landscapes by W G Hoskins, BBC Publications, 1973 (ISBN 0563 12407 5).

Professor W G Hoskins (1908 - 1992) is credited with establishing English local history as a formal academic discipline.  His pioneering book The Making of the English Landscape, first published in 1955 (ISBN 0140154108), is well worth reading, although currently out of print – second hand copies can be obtained via Amazon.

St. Denis church is also Grade II* listed and now an empty shell no longer in use and on the English Heritage Heritage at risk register, although we are hopeful the Friends of Friendless Churches will take it over later this year – see below.

Its churchyard, however, is still consecrated and is a Local Nature Reserve – it retains its moat; other moats can be seen from the road near Manor Barn and The Palace.

There is more about the history of the Hatleys on our About Hatley page – and photographs of Hatley and the surrounding area on the Geograph site.  (The Geograph Britain and Ireland project is collecting geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland from material supplied by, well, anyone.)

Footpaths, bridleways and other useful information

There are lots of footpaths and bridleways around East Hatley and Hatley St George, well noted on Ordnance Survey maps.

The same goes for the Green spaces and activities section of the Cambridgeshire County Council website – the link above takes you to the Definitive map and statement page (with useful background information) from where you can click on the Rights of way interactive map for the county.

Put your postcode into the search box on that page to home in on Hatley: click on a footpath or bridleway for its name, number and length – with much more detail for bridleways.

And while on this section of the County's website, click on the My house tab for lots of useful local information.

Historian and Gamlingay resident Bernard O'Connor has some very detailed information about the Hatley footpaths (as well as those in Gamlingay and other local villages).

For Hatley, use this footpath link and then click on the individual footpath numbers.  For other villages, use this link and click on the village name.

St Denis' church on its way to being saved

In early December 2013, the Friends of Friendless Churches announced it '...would be willing to take the freehold of the Grade II* listed church of St Denis, East Hatley and safeguard it in perpetuity'.

South Cambridgeshire District Council, the current owners of St Denis, is in the process of finalising the details (still the case as at 25 August 2015) – meanwhile, the appeal to raise funds locally remains.

only search Hatley


Weather forecasts

The most local-to-Hatley forecasts on the Met Office website are for Waresley and Wimpole Hall – to which we've added Cambridge and Bedford:

Waresley is 2.5 miles north west of Hatley St George
and 3.1 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

Wimpole Hall is 3.9 miles east of Hatley St George
and 3.4 miles from East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Cambridge is north east of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.


Bedford is west of Hatley St George
and East Hatley.
Click here for a more detailed forecast.

These weather forecasts are generated by the Met Office Weather Widget.

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Hatley is grid reference
TL 28257 50876
Latitude  52.141293
Longitude  -0.127223



see below

    Green bins  The green bin
    collection this coming Thursday
    will be the last until 12th January
    as green bin collections move to
    a monthly cycle until early March.

Click here


    Click here on the good news
    about St Denis' church, East
    ... and click here for news of
    an East Hatley planning
/ Hatley Parish
    Council meeting on Tuesday,
    13th December
, 7.30 pm,
    Hatley Village Hall.  Agenda.

Christmas in Hatley 2016

    Two dates for your diary:

    Wednesday, 21st December,
    7.00 pm:
Christmas Carol
at Hatley St George
    Church.  Expect traditional
    carols and readings + a retiring
    collection (please give
    generously!) and, afterwards,
    mulled wine and mince pies.

    CAN YOU HELP?  Please see
    our Latest page.

    Sunday, 25th December,
    11.00 am
: Holy Communion.

    More details on our Latest page.

Christmas Tea and Coffee Morning photos

The famous Hatley Christmas Tea - 4th December 2016, Hatley Village Hall, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire.

Hatley Coffee Morning - 6 December 2016: the chatting class at Hatley Village Hall.

    Top  Over 40 grown ups and
    children popped in to Hatley
    Village Hall for tea, cake and a
    natter on Sunday, 4th December.

    Bottom  Two days later, it was
    Tuesday Coffee Morning – more
    tea, cakes and chat.  The next
    Coffee Morning is on Tuesday,
    3rd January
at the new time of
    10.00 am to 1.00 pm.  Click on
    the photos for a larger versions.

Hatley St George
church newsletter, November 2016

    Click here for a copy of the
    current issue.

Kickstart getting to work or college on a moped

Kickstart getting to work or college on a mpoed!

    With public transport not being
    so hot these days, our District
    Councillor has suggested
    youngsters should get to work
    or college on a moped.

    If the idea appeals, kick on the
    graphic above.

St Denis' has a new owner

St Denis East Hatley - visit by Friends of Friendless Churches, November 2013.

    At 3.00 pm on 30th November
    2016, St Denis' church, East
    Hatley, was conveyed to its new
    owner, the Friends of Friendless
    Churches (FoFC) from South
    Cambridgeshire District Council.

    We now await details from FoFC
    of their plans – members of the
    FoFC board are pictured above
    during their visit in November...
    2013.  Background.

Planning application

    An application by Mr and Mrs
    Hook of Barn Farm, East Hatley,
    will be discussed by the Parish
    Council on 13th December.
    Go here for further information
    and links.  Agenda.


    ... are delivered daily by the
shop in Hatley St George –
    ring them to order yours:
    01767 650 971

    Why fetch them when they
    can be delivered to your door?

Hatley shop and post office, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire - new Post Office sign - 4-5-16.

    In addition to being the village
    store and post office, the shop
    also sells tickets for  the Health
, Rudi's doggy bakery,
    Gemma's Gems and Olga's
    homemade jewellery plus
    groceries and greeting cards.

    Click here for more info... and
    for the 2016 / 2017 postal rates:
        UK letter rates
        UK parcel rates
        International rates

PC minutes

     Copies of Hatley Parish
     Council's minutes and
     agendas going back to 2002
     are available via our Agendas
     and minutes
page.  They
     include draft minutes of the
     PC's October 2016 meeting.

     See below for more PC stuff.

New right of way
Definitive Maps

Hatley portion of the new Definitive Map of rights of way - September 2016

    The County Council has
    produced a new Definitive Map
    and Statement of Public Rights
    of Way for Cambridgeshire.
    Click here for details.

Hatley's phone boxes

    BT is proposing to remove the
    payphones in Hatley St George
    and East Hatley – given the very
    low usage (five times in the last
    year in H-St-G and only twice in

    This makes it very difficult to
    argue against this decision –
    although if does raise the issue
    of how to contact the emergency
    services in the event of an
    accident.  Details in this note
    from SCDC.  See also our
    'phone box' page.

    SCDC supports our objections
    – we await a final decision by
    the Secretary of State.

Hatley life

    To shorten the length of this
    'green column', the following
    have been moved to the
    Latest page:

    County and District Councils'
        boundary reviews – the
        County divisions having been
    Superfast broadband for Hatley
        in March 2017.
    Hatley St George church has
       its new loo – but has lost its
     Photos from Micky Astor's talk.
     We cleaned for the Queen
        (and Hatley).
     St Denis update + links.

Speeding in Hatley

    Use this link to the police
    speed enforcement team
    register your concerns about
    speeding in Hatley, particularly
    the Hatley St George > East
    Hatley 40 mph stretch.

    And if you want to report
, the police have a
    very useful new web link.

Medical matters
See below

... for details of how you can help researchers at Addenbrooke's.

Handy book

    Local author Philippa Pearson
    book, Small Space Big Ideas,
    is full of... ideas.  It makes a
    great birthday present!

Share your memories

    Do you have a Hatley memory
    you'd like to share?  Send it to
    the site's webmaster.


    13 December 7.30 pm
         Extraordinary Meeting of
         Hatley  Parish Council to
         discuss the latest Barn Farm
         planning application and
         other matters.  Hatley Village
         Hall.  Agenda
    21 December Christmas
         Carol service
at Hatley St
         George at 7.00 pm.  As well
         as traditional carols and
         readings, expect a 'retiring
         collection' (please give
         generously!), mince pies
         and mulled wine
    25 December Holy
, 11.00 am at
         Hatley St George church
    3 JanuaryCoffee morning
Hatley Village Hall, 10.00 am
         to 1.00 pm
– just drop in.
         Click here for more details
    4 January Gamlingay and
         District Gardening Club
         Joseph Banks, plant collector
an illustrated talk by Denis
         Jenks.  7.30 pm, Kier Suite,
         Eco Hub, Stocks Lane,
         Gamlingay. £2.50.
         Chairman: Dawn Black
         – 01767 262 693
    18 January – Gamlingay
         Environmental Action Group
         (GEAG) meeting, 8.00 pm,
         Eco Hub, Stocks Lane,
         Gamlingay.  AGM and other
         joyous stuff
.  It's an open
         meeting and all are welcome
         to attend.  Free drinks – fresh
         fruit juices, milk, tea or coffee
         – and biscuits are an extra
         incentive to go.  Entry is also
    2nd FebruaryGamArch
         monthly meeting – details on
         their website.  7.30 pm,
         WI Hall, Waresley Road,
    4 February Hatley Quiz Night
         Hatley Village Hall
, 7.00 for
         7.30 pm.
    13 February Gamlingay and
         District History Society
         Hunts cyclists of WWI
         illustrated talk by John
         Morgan.  7.30 pm,
         Room 2, Gamlingay Village

     For local places to eat and
         ideas of where to visit,
         click here


     The next meeting of Hatley
     Parish Council is an
     Extraordinary Meeting on
     Tuesday, 13th December at
     7.30 pm in Hatley Village Hall
     to discuss the latest Barn Farm
     planning application and
     other matters.  Agenda.


     Minutes for Hatley Parish
     Council's most recent 2016
         19 Jan:  Ordinary meeting
         12 Apr:   Extraordinary
         17 May:  Annual meetings
         19 Jul:  Ordinary meeting
         27 Sep:  EGM meeting
         18 Oct:  Ordinary meeting

     Click here for agendas and
of previous meetings


     Various documents for
     2015-16 are on our Finances


     See our Planning page for
     general planning information
     and links to applications in
     Hatley St George and East


     Flooding – thankfully unlikely
     in Hatley, but the County
     Council has issued two
     documents: Land owners
     responsibilities factsheet
     Emergency information.


      KIM WILDE is our Parish
     Clerk.  Phone her on 01767
     650 596
or contact her by
     e-mail.  For Hatley Parish
     Council details, go to the
     Council's home page.


     Greensands Medical Practice
     – our local surgery – current

     More about the surgery on our
     Emergency – doctors page.


Patient and Public Involvement Panel at Addenbrooke's

     Addenbrooke's is looking for
     volunteers to join its PPI panel
      – click this link for more
     information and this link for a
we received last year (it's
     still current).


Adult Support

     There's a lot going on in
     Cambridgeshire to support
     residents and communities
     locally.   Cambridgeshire.net
     is full of information and a
     database detailing relevant
     events locally (with Gamlingay
     as the location) + wider afield.

Local buses

     On our Bus page are
     details of the Service 28 bus –
     the Demand Response
     Transport from Hatley to local
     villages in Cambridgeshire.

Gamlingay and Hatley
history stuff

    Hatley test pits

    Gamlingay History Society

    Gamlingay Archaeology Group

Eating out...

... in Gamlingay:
       China Garden, 33a Church
             Street – 65 02 02.
       Cock Inn, 25 Church Street –
             65 02 55.
       Jannah, 1 Church Street –
             65 21 17.
       LJ's, 40 Church Street –
             65 03 33.
      The Wheatsheaf, 92 Church
             Street – 65 11 77.
       Woodview Farm Shop,
             Potton Road – 66 16 91.

Places to visit

    If you're stuck for ideas of
    somewhere to go, try these

    Where can we go? – you can
         search for events in each
         county as well as by village,
         town or post code.
    Visit Cambridge and beyond:
         what's on in Cambridge,
         Cambridgeshire and
         surrounding areas
    University of Cambridge:
         public events.
    Bedford and surrounding
    The Best of Bedfordshire.
    Open Gardens: national listing.
    Shuttleworth Collection of old
         planes at Old Warden + the
         Swiss Garden.
    Antique fairs [1].
    Antique fairs [2].

    Roads – up-to-date traffic
    information via Traffic England

Other stuff

    2016 / 2017 POSTAL RATES


    Gamlingay Library – info


    Memories of East Hatley
    Read E. W. Peters' fascinating
    account of Life in East Hatley
    in 1949 – and The farming
: Bill Richardson's vivid
    memories of shocks, stooks,
    sheaves and stacks in 1942.


    services are available on the
    Gamlingay Church website.

    In Hatley, the services at
    Hatley St George church are
    held every second (11.00 am)
    and fourth (8.00 am) Sunday
    of the month


         Ffion McDonald, aka The
         Cleaning Fairy
, offers
         'Tailored home cleaning
         services'.  You can contact
         her on Gamlingay 650 742

    There are many other local
    businesses – the Yell.com
    sites include companies in:
         East Hatley
         Hatley St George

New church loo opened...

Councillor Bridget Smith, ??? and the Reverend Steve Rothwell after opening the new compost loo at Hatley St George church, Hatley St George, Cambridgeshire, on 16th September 2016.

    ▲ The new composting loo at
    Hatley St George church was
    opened on 16th September by
    the Reverend Steve Rothwell
    – click here for the background

...and an excellent talk on the Shuttleworth Collection

John O'Sullivan and speaker Alan Reed in Hatley Village Hall, Cambridgeshire, where Alan gave an excellent talk on the Shuttleworth Collection of vintage planes - 16th September 2016.

    ▲ John O'Sullivan, chairman of
    Hatley Village Association, with
    Alan Reed, who gave a superb
    talk in September on the
    Shuttleworth Collection  More
    on our Latest page.

Other Hatleys

Hatley Store, Canada    This poster was spotted in
    Toronto's CN Tower pointing
    the way to... a branch of
    Hatley, the Canadian store
    specialising in clothes for kids
    and grown ups – search
    Google for UK outlets.

    And do have a look at our
    Hatleys around the world
    page.  If you know of any
    other places called Hatley, or
    can update the stuff we have,
    please let us know.

Take a look at...

    Hatley Village Association

    St Denis' Nature Reserve
    Local Management Group


    Train facilities page includes
    details of when peak time
    charges apply.

    Station parking information


    Hatley Park Estate.


    Roads – up-to-date traffic
    information via Traffic England

Bin collections

    Blue binswhat goes in them
    (link to SCDC website).

    Rubbish collection (link to
    Hatley information).

Next collection

    Thursday, 15th December
    Blue and green bins – last
    green bin until 12th January.



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