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Page updated 30 May 2014

About Hatley

Hatley St George and East Hatley are more properly described as hamlets rather than villages.  Although quite a few of us work from home, we are largely a commuting population, albeit with a strong sense of community.

There is another Hatley near by - Cockayne Hatley, which is in Bedfordshire (we're in Cambridgeshire) and historically not connected to 'our' Hatley.

There is more about Hatley St George and East Hatley on the Wikipedia website.

Hatley memories – 2013

Most of the photos (and the ▲) have a link to another page with
more pictures and information about the event.

  Malcolm Guite came to Hatley St George on 29 November 2013, entertained us with his poetry reading and signed copies of his new collection of poems – The Singing Bowl.   Hatley History Talk – waiting for the start of Sue Oosthuizen's wonderful and informative talk The Landscape Detective in Hatley Village Hall on 1 November 2013.
▲  Hatley Race Night – on 21 September 2013 was a great success and thoroughly enjoyable evening. £373.40 was raised towards the Village Hall funds.   St Denis churchyard tidy ups – here at the third of or late summer 2013 workings.  Click on the picture for why it's important to keep the churchyard tidy and more photos.
  Hatley Fête, 30 June 2013.   Hatley BBQ, 30 June 2013.
  Mower blessed.  The new scythe mower – 9 June 2013.   The marvellous concert in Hatley St George Church, 12 May 2013.
  A walk in Buff Wood – click on the photo for a report and more pictures, taken during the walk on 8 May 2013 and a previous walk in 2004. While in the 'Outdoors and leisure' section of this website, do take a look at the other pages.   Fascinated by barn owls – the 50 strong audience listening to Peter Wilkinson, the Barn Owl Conservation Network advisor [www.bocn.org] at Hatley Village Hall, 12 April 2013.
  'Stand here a while and drink the silence in.' –  the first line of Malcolm Guite's lovely poem Hatley St George epitomised in his photo of the interior of Hatley St George church – which he celebrated in his St George's Day blog 2013, from where the photo came.

St Denis, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire, 14 October 2012.

St Denis, East Hatley,
photographed by Carmen Norman
on 14 October 2012.



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