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Page updated 6 December 2018

Hatley Parish Council

Hatley Parish Council was established on 5th July 1973 by this mandate.

Our current Councillors are listed below – for their Register of Interests, please use this link to the South Cambs District Council website.


Margot Eagle
The Manor House
East Hatley
SG19 3JA

01767 651 649


Alan Pinney
The Old George
2 Main Street
Hatley St George
SG19 3HW

07729 087 510

Members of the Parish Council

Micky Astor
Hatley Park
Hatley St George
SG19 3HL

Nicola Jenkins
49 East Hatley
SG19 3JA

Harold Nickerson
20 Main Street
Hatley St George
SG19 3HW

NB On 3rd May 2018, there was an election to choose our five Parish Councillors. See our Elections page for details.

Clerk to Hatley Parish Council

Kim Wilde
36 Fairfield
SG19 3LG

Tel  01767 650 596

Meetings, minutes and reports

Regular Parish Council meetings are held five times a year in January, March, May (the AGM), July and October, usually at 7.30 pm in Hatley Village Hall:

Hatley Village Hall
1 Main Street
Hatley St George
SG19 3HW

The Annual Meeting takes place in May (starting at 7.00 pm) and other 'extraordinary' meetings (usually concerned with a planning application) are held as necessary.

All meetings are open to the public – although members of the public are not allowed to speak at meetings without the permission of the Chairman.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council to discuss a planning application from Holbeins Farm. Members of the public are very welcome to attend:

Date  Tuesday, 11 December 2018
Time  7.30 pm
Venue  Hatley Village Hall
             1 Main Street
             Hatley St George
             SG19 3HW
Planning application notice
Meeting agenda

Copies of the Parish Council's agendas and minutes can be downloaded from the Agendas and minutes page.

Reports from the 2017 Annual Meeting are on our Items received page.

New statutory documents are on the Statutory documents page.

For further information please contact the Clerk or any Parish Councillor.

Hatley Parish Council diary – 2018 / 2019

All meetings are held in Hatley Village Hall, usually at 7.30 pm.

Tuesday, 11 December – 7.30 pm / Extraordinary
Tuesday, 15th Jan 2019 – 7.30 pm / Ordinary Meeting
Tuesday, 19th March – 7.30 pm / Ordinary Meeting
Tuesday, 21st May – 7.00 pm / Annual Meetings

Members of the public are always very welcome to attend these meetings.

District Councillor

Heather Williams
South Cambs Hall
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA

Tel  07885 774 775

The District Council deals with planning, housing, environmental health, leisure and facility grants, council tax collection and conservation.

County Councillor

Sebastian Kindersley
The Manor Barn
East Hatley
SG19 3JA

Tel  01767 651 982

The County Council deals with the police, emergency services, transport, health, education and social services.

Member of Parliament

Heidi Allen MP
South Cambridgeshire
Broadway House
149-151 St Neots Road
CB23 7QJ

Tel  01223 830 037
Twitter @heidiallen75




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