A sunny St Denis’ churchyard tidy-up

A good work out on Saturday, 11th July 2020

The St Denis' churchyard tidy-up: some of the raking and cutting team: from the left Jo and Peter Hayward, John O'Sullivan, Nicola Jenkins (mowing), Kevin Steel and Peter Hanlon / 11 July 2020. Photo: Peter Mann.
The weather was nice and over a dozen people turned up to help with mowing and raking the south side of St Denis’ churchyard....
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Parish Council – Ordinary Meeting

14th July, 7.30 pm / via Zoom

Hatley Parish Council, 21st May 2019 - L/R: Nicola Jenkins, Harold Nickerson, Micky Astor (Deputy Chairman), Alan Pinney (Chairman), Margot Eagle and Kim Wilde (Clerk).
Date Tuesday, 14th July. Time 7.30 pm. Venue Remotely, via Zoom. Subject  Hatley Parish Council Ordinary Meeting. The Coronavirus Bill, which was enacted by...
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Hatley play area open again

But please consider others, keep apart and stay safe.

Coronavirus playground poster heading – 4-7-20.
By Margot Eagle, chairman, Hatley Parish Council The play area in Hatley St George reopened on 4th July. In accordance with government guidance, Hatley...
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Doing your bit

for climate change

Wind turbines ruining the skyline near Biggleswade and distracting passing motorists. Nicola Jenkins photo.
Words and photo by Nicola Jenkins We can all help to mitigate climate change and reach our net zero carbon emissions target by 2050....
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SCDC’s zero carbon grants

What should the Parish Council apply for – do let them know!

SCDC's zero carbon communities logo. The council has £100,000 of tax-payers money to spend on its zero carbon enthusiasm.
By Nicola Jenkins Up to £15,000 is on offer to local groups and parish councils to help reduce climate change. Can you think of...
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Monthly Coffee Morning

Still not happening, but – ideas on how we can meet!

Hatley, Cambridgeshire, Coffee Morning sign. The Coffee Mornings are held on the first Tuesday of every month in Hatley Village Hall from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.
It’s a real shame, for while the Hatley Coffee Mornings are a great place to go for a natter, cake and coffee (or tea...
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Gosh, it’s hot!

But, please avoid crowded outdoor spaces and take your litter home

Piles of rubbish left besides the overflowing litter bins at Grantchester Meadows – if bins are full, please take your waste home.
By Peter Mann With the lockdown easing and temperatures rising, it’s a perfect excuse to get out and meet family and friends… …but, urges...
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Gazette / Villager are online

It's all because of Covid (surprised?)

Gamlingay Gazette masthead, April 2020.
The May, June and combined July/August 2020 issues of the Gamlingay Gazette are only available online at www.gamlingaygazette.uk. The team hopes to be able...
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Need help?

If you're home alone or self-isolating and live in Hatley help is on hand

Gamlingay and Hatley Coronavirus Support Group header.
The Gamlingay and Hatley Coronavirus Support Group is here to help you if you need it. How can we help? Pick up prescriptions from...
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Church newsletters

The weekly newsletter of St Mary's church, Gamlingay

St Mary's, Gamlingay, weekly newsletter .
Click on the graphics below to download each edition – going back to the first issue in May 2020. In the latest (10 July)...
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St Mary Zooms into services

Virtue in our world of instant communication from St Mary's, Gamlingay

St-Mary's, Gamlingay – the main entrance is on the north side through the door under a two-storeyed porch. January 2020.
The bells in St Mary’s church in Gamlingay may have fallen silent and the door to the church is locked while the Church of...
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Hatley’s defibrillator – just dial 999

No need to panic – trained operatives will tell you what to do... and we have reminders to help

The defibrillator cabinet outside Hatley Village Hall. If you need to use it, first dial 999 – it has been registered with the NHS who will provide the code to open the cabinet door and give instructions for its use.
Hatley’s defibrillator (above) is located outside the Village Hall in Hatley St George in a locked and temperature-controlled cabinet. It has full public access...
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Green bin collections back to fortnightly

All being well...

Thanks for your thanks sign on an SCDC bin lorry – with the council's very hard-working bin crews managing to empty more bins than planned, green bin collections are returning to a fortnightly routine.
“Keep putting green bins out fortnightly” is the message from South Cambridgeshire District Council as bin crews are thanked for ’emptying extra’. It seems...
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Zoomed PC meeting success

Margot Eagle re-elected as chairman, too

Hatley Parish Council, 21st May 2019 - L/R: Nicola Jenkins, Harold Nickerson, Micky Astor (Deputy Chairman), Alan Pinney (Chairman), Margot Eagle and Kim Wilde (Clerk).
History was made at 7.00 pm on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 when Hatley Parish held its first public meeting via video link. And once...
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Churches closed

Except for funeral services and weddings

Hatley St George church, Cambridgeshire, 8 August 2015. Regular services are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month.
Following the government announcement on 23rd March 2020, all places of worship are closed during the coronavirus pandemic – except for funerals and weddings...
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About the parish precept

It's gone up even though the Parish Council didn't ask for an increase

If in checking your 2020 / 2021 council tax bill you wondered why the Hatley parish precept has gone up, despite the Parish Council...
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Zero emission waste collections – at a price

New battery bin lorry will cost £400,000

The £400,000 electric Dennis Eagle ‘eCollect’ bin lorry which SCDC has just purchased in conjunction with Cambridge City Council
Electric cars?  Tick.  Electric vans and taxis?  Tick.   Electric lorries?  Not really yet… except for the electric bin lorry which South Cambs District Council...
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Hedge tidy-up in St Denis’ churchyard

A useful morning's work in warm, bright sunshine

St Denis' churchyard, East-Hatley, Cambridgeshire, 22nd March 2020 during ta hedge tidy-up session by local volunteers. In places the hedgerow is encroaching on the graves.
Dateline… Sunday, 22nd March 2020. Place… St Denis’ churchyard, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire. Event… Hedge tidy-up. Reason… In places the hedgerow was encroaching on the...
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2020 Pancake Race winners…

Big heroes and little heroes all

Hatley Pancake Race 2020 – the winners.
23rd February and all the fun of the 2020 Hatley Pancake Race – those are the winners above: l to r Jaime Cotton, Kim...
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East West Rail – things you might like to know but can’t now ask face-to-face

Although we’re on the edge of the ‘Preferred Route Option’, you may still be interested to find out more

The East West Rail Company's roadshow in Little Gransden Village Hall – 29th February 2020. Well organised with intelligent people on hand to talk to. While the graphics were good, no mention of why the line is needed – and 'freight' does not appear anywhere.
By Peter Mann Now the ‘Preferred Route Option’ for a new line between Bedford and Cambridge has been announced, the East West Railway Company...
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